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  1. hmm i do forget the names of some of the characters from the animes i watch, except for the ones who really catch my attention and are easy 2 remember.
  2. well this off the topic but maybe tsunade had a brother or sister that was the parent of narutos dad. thats one way he could get seju blood.
  3. ah sucks they delayed Heaven's Lost Property Forte: Complete Collection (Blu-ray / DVD Combo LE).
  4. good thing i dont have a credit card
  5. Tyranitar he is gangster. and freaking powerful.
  6. both but if i had too choosi would choose the ps3
  7. who has their copy reserved? And do you think about the game? Sunday march 6 I reserved black version. hope i battle u guys over wifi
  8. DBZ is Legendary and i suggest u guys go to this site and read this fan made manga of dbz and readed is bad as*. http://www.dragonball-multiverse.com lets just say there is super saiyan a super saiyan 3 vegito and a super saiyan 2 bra.
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