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  1. The only anime I watched was Fairy Tail, DBZ, and some other stuff. I only watched a few episodes of Naruto but my story wasn't meant to mimic that. But I think I can see where you got that from.
  2. That would actually sound pretty cool. Just like it starts the day it happens and some characters try escaping from what is happening all around them. I would like that idea.
  3. The boy with his dark blade pulls it out of the sleek smooth sheath. "You pushed me to far..." he said in a quiet, serious voice. He made a swift movement towards his opponent. His opponent just stood there quiet waiting for the boy to move to him. "I got you now," said his opponent. Suddenly, a bright light came from his opponent. The boy was blinded for several seconds and that was all he needed. He ran towards the boy, kneed him hard in the stomach. The boy coughed up blood, still trying to see what was around him. His opponent then hit his face with his left muscular fist and the upper cutted with his right. The boy just stared up at his opponent. The opponent pulled off his mask... "Brother!" shouted the boy. "You are truly weak my little brother," said the older brother. "Why are you trying to destroy the town?" "To prove... to myself that I can amount to something for once in my life! Mother and Father... all they cared about was you. They ignored me! I was lonely and I want revenge. If I can destroy what they were trying so hard for! I know that I can finally amount to somet-" "Enough! You are truly selfish! I always have been here during all the hard times. I protected you! I went through many challenges and unbearable pain for you! I'm sick of the darkness in your soul," said the angry older brother. He held out his hand. "You will be changed, prepare yourself!" The younger brother could no longer sense anything around him. He felt suddenly better though, but all he could see was darkness and a grey ground. The fog was making his vision blurry. But it all disappeared. He was being lifted and soon he could see where he was. Everything evil inside of him was being destroyed... Thanks for reading! You should try adding on if you would like! I would love to see what you guys would write from this point in the story. I hope I didn't do to bad. This was the first story that I made up off the top of my head and put out for public so please enjoy.
  4. I just created this thread to see if anyone would like to see a certain anime that they think should be created. This probably would be hard to make off the top of their heads if your not that creative. But I get that too. If I got to create an anime I would probably like choose a boy from another dimension who has amnesia and they have a secret mission implanted into their brain and the only way to remember their reason for being is by defeating bad guys that are threatening human's way of life and absorbing their spiritual energy. And as it goes on, he makes friends, rivals,and that one enemy he can never defeat. Just stuff like that. Anyway, your turn!
  5. You all are lucky, I only get 1.5 mbps a second. And that is on a good day.
  6. I'm probably some where around here also but I started watching last year.
  7. I feel like I'm a main-stream gamer. I'll admit it. The only games that I get that goes out are pretty much the latest and greatest games that are going out there on the market and that is advertised so much that pretty much everyone knows about it. I'll admit that I'm a main-streamer when it comes to gaming, but I wanted to see if anyone else would admit that with me.
  8. Hmmm.... My favorite animes: 1. Natsu - Fairy Tail 2. Kazuma - Kaze No Stigma 3. Luffy - One Piece 4. Kamina - Gurren Lagann 5. Simon - Gurren Lagann 6. Soul - Soul Eater 7. Lucy - Elfen Lied 8. Hay (BK-201) - Darker Than Black 9. - Ayano - Kaze No Stigma 10. Ulquiorra - Bleach
  9. I have to say that I think the xbox 360 is my favorite just because it has so many features and its so addicting. Especially with live. What about you?
  10. This thread is pretty simple. I just want you guys to put what you think which anime would be best for an amv. If you think a combination of animes would be good then put that also. Mine would be probably Soul Eater because its my favorite! What about yours?
  11. I think the most messed up anime that I have seen was probably Elfen Lied. But I'm sure there is a lot more stuff messed up other than that.
  12. I have watched 10 anime series.... Sounds about right and I think Soul Eater or Dragon Ball Z was my favorite out of all of them.
  13. I think for some animes, that English voice overs would be good for that scenario. But if that was the case, then it would be very rare for me. I just like DBZ in English alot better that Japanese because its sounds cooler to me. But the rest of the time, I like it in Japanese.
  14. 1. Natsu - Fairy Tail 2. Grim Reaper - Soul Eater 3. Death The Kid - Soul Eater 4. Saeko - Highschool Of The Dead 5. Lucy - Elfen Lied 6. Komoru - Highschool Of The Dead 7. L - Death Note 8. Ryuk - Death Note 9. Happy - Fairy Tail 10. Soul - Soul Eater I haven't watched that much anime yet. Just a few series so far.
  15. There is an English version. BUT its horrible and it doesn't feel like the voice actors fit the characters so I like it better in Japanese. ^.^
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