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  1. StrikeFreedom90

    What's your screen resolution?

    1920x1080 21,5" Samsung
  2. StrikeFreedom90

    How did you find this website ?

    I was looking for english subbed anime U__U
  3. StrikeFreedom90

    The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

    TBBT it's one of the best telefilm ever aired. Unfortunately, here in Italy, we have only 3 season dubbed ç___ç
  4. StrikeFreedom90

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    My last movie is Battle Roayle *____*
  5. StrikeFreedom90

    What was the last Manga that you completed?

    Captain Tsubasa U___U Here in Italy some numbers are very hard to find ç___ç
  6. StrikeFreedom90


    Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm StrikeFreedom and I'm from Italy ^__^