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  1. Online wise, probably Tales of Pirates/Flyff. With 3 Years/4 Years respectively. Game wise, Digimon World 3 with over 300 hours of gameplay
  2. I still have em both (N64 being completly retired) My PS2 is still kicking even tho it's a fat first model version. It's also still heavily used (Discovered the plethora of Atlus games besides Persona and blazing though em > )
  3. The ending of BBS with Sora, Kairi and Riku receiving a message doesn't set the stage for KH 3, its for KH 3D. It's a letter from the King requesting Sora and Riku to meet Yen Sid for the Mark of Mastery which is half of KH 3D. And YES there is a KH BBS 2. As mentioned in the FM version. With a scene in the Secret movie saying 0.5. Which in a way leaves us in complete darkness regarding what the **** BBS 2 will be about except for explaing that wierd castle that Aqua found in the Realm of Darkness.
  4. The contents have been revealed ages ago. Nomura stated that the Kingdom Hearts 3 game would WRAP UP the saga of Keyblade wielders fighting Xehanort. I'd like someone to tell me if at any point, when and where but I heard that Nomura stated that when a Nobody and a Heartless of a person are beaten, they MERGE back together to reform the ORIGINAL. Thus we know who the big bad boss is, the REAL Xehanort (Probly a younger version) cause let's face it, Sora vs OLD Xehanort is plain unfair... Plus it's explainalbe by (Insert whatever Square Enix decides to say that would look like: Because Terra's body served as the original, MX must use his body as the original blah blah) The plot of the game would simply for Sora to finaly end everything with Xehanort (Saving him from another entity that was controlling him, his Guardian) or destroying him or SEALING him away. Whatever they decide to do still leaves the fact that Xehanort will be gone or no longer be a threat. To achieve that, all those who are hurting will come together (Ven, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Eraqus maybe, Axel etc) They will all unite in a flamboyant finishing display of power and beat Xehanort. What comes beyond that IS THE REAL MYSTERY. Will KH continue? Will Sora still be the Hero? Who will be the new enemy to replace Xehanort? But more importantly, WILL KH KEEP GOING OR DIE OUT WITH KH3?
  5. Ya, regarding Crisis Core NEWS FLASH READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOUR PRESS PLAY UMD. The Tragic Story of a blah blah WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT!!!? Sorry for ranting but man what right do we have for complaining about the ending when it was implied he would die. As for BBS, well, can't say I don't agree but still, look at it this way, BBS was a prequel to TIE loose ends, such as the fact of Ven looking like Roxas which in turn explained WHY Sora's nobody din't look one bit like the original (Save the blue eyes... even the hair color is different ffs...). As for Aqua, watch the BBS Final Mix secret ending, we all know we haven't seen the last of her or any of the others. Granted the Secret Movie of BBS was a symbolic image (NO ONE LOOKED AT THE SKY AT ANY POINT SAYING SORA), it served to open the way of hope of a brighter future for the characters we have all come to love.
  6. Reason why it will NEVER happen is purely bussiness. The XBOX is a HUGE flop over seas. As such Square being a TEEN to ADULT Game maker, only has 1 console it can use, the Playstation. Even tho KH is more of a KID game per say, the technical limitation of the WII means that we would kill Square for porting a main KH title over to it. As for PC versions, I'm sorry, are you unaware of a little bunch of programs called EMULATORS? Granted PS2 games are nigh impossible without a monster PC but still, portable games are all fair games, even the DS ones...
  7. Flyff, Tales of Pirate, Zero Online (Mecha MMO with a ****ed up unfair PVP system. MUST PLAY TO UNDERSTAND HOW POWERLESS YOU ARE)
  8. holy **** FINALY IT'S HERE!!!! Altho, this was originaly my substitute for Gundam VS Gundam, (Except I found out it was ridiculous trying to sign up) I prayed for this to happen FINALY!!!
  9. The thing that made the Resident Evil scary was the SURVIVAL part of the game. Going back (0 included) you had to go forward but the ammount of ammo you had was ridiculously low and had to be managed carefully (Cause you know, enemies din't drop jack ****). The pistol was your best friend due to ALL the ammo you could find but it was so freaking weak and slow you'd hope to have enough Shotgun Shells to blast your way though. Now whenever your low on ammo, enemies MUST drop ammos. Also the games are more about exploring, no longer surviving a ruined city full of zombies, monsters and other mutated abominations. Even those that weren't set in the town of Raccoon City had major survival theme, Code Veronica spaned over many places to end up in the Artic I beleive. Even then you had to survive (to a lesser extent due to the story) but still. Even the next title Resident Evil: Raccoon City Operation, is just another attempt by Capcom to attract the larger demographic of Men 12-25 playing Call of Duty and the likes. Cause let's face it, watch the gameplay of it and it's clearly a Gears of War control + 3rd person shooter basic mechanics (Shoot while moving, crouch for steady aim) with Resident Evil game mechanics (Zombies, Ammo, HERBS!!!!). The mechanics are good tho, bleeding attracting Zombies, posibility of infection (Needing Anti Viral Spray or you become a Zombie). But overall, it's not really a Resident Evil. The only posibility to return to the TRADITIONAL Survival Horror, would be to make something along the line of Outbreak again but set during the events of the movies. Following a group of people trying to survive the (Insert Place of the world). Like the movie, the point would be to find a safe haven, a place where there is no infection or something. None of the stumble on another umbrella scheme and must foil it.
  10. The Anti form is explained in the game not as a fail safe to counter form abuse but as a form drawing on the darkness of the heart. If you go to Yen Sid's tower and go in the fairy godmother room and check the mirrors, each has a line regarding a specific form, (An image of unleasing the Keyblades Ultimate potential flows through you) This for exemple is the Final Form. The Anti Form is the darkness surging. The game mechanics regarding it is that for every drive you do, 1 point is added. Every NEW form gained resets the counter. 0-3 point your safe, it's impossible no matter what to go Anti Form. 3-5 is 25% 5-8 is 50% 8+ is 75%. Various situation also add a modifying value. Boss Battles make your odds 1.5x higher. Same for event battes. Organisation fights 2x the chances. Organisation MEMBER fights 4x (100% chance) Every time you go Anti Form, it removes 5points. The final form is the other side of the Anti Form. It works along with it for unlocking it. After witnessing the fight with Roxas, you have a 50% chance of entering Final Form instead of Anti Form. Just spamming form wont work tho, for Anti Form to activate, you must be in a battle. Final Form doesn't reset the counter each time it's used. Instead it reduces the counter by 10 points AND the Final Form is the ONLY form that CAN'T trigger the Anti Form no matter what. As for Mickey, he could show up to save you from a game over at 7 or 8 SPECIFIC boss battles. One of which being Xaldin cause that dragon tornado blast is such a ****. Every time he showed up, the next time odds decreased by 25% until it reached 25%. So you had 1 chance to be saved then 75%, then 50% then 25% every other time.
  11. If your into fantasy I would recommend Dragon Drive.
  12. Lol wut? I just finished watching the original series on a RETRO channel in my country XD. A remake of a timeless classic? It's about time! This is literaly the only 80s show that HASN'T gotten either a sequel/remake/new series. Not too happy about the new look tho
  13. MF... is EVIL!!!!!!! nuff said But ya hes cheap on any level other than easy... cheating bastard. If you have ever even come close to beating him with Terra you should be proud and if you DID beat him with Terra... you have EVERY right to brag you did as it is an amazing accomplishement in itself. Beating him with Aqua/Ven however... is easy-ier. Not saying you suck if you beat him with em but it's just easier non the less (infinite roll/cartwheel = INVINCIBLE!!!)
  14. No actualy it sets the stage for Reconnect (which is probly the title of KH3) Reconnect will close the Xehanort Arc of the story (there is NO word of a new arc) What we see in the secret movie here is actualy symbolic. Except for Aqua talking to the Mysterious Man (With the light on high you can see the face under the hood) all other scenes NEVER happened. The parts regarding the TODAY with Sora,Kairi and Riku is true however and serves as the starting point of the next game. As far as I know tho KH 3D is just another Coded game. It's just there to either add new info which will only have an impact later on or to answer some plot holes. Speaking of Reconnect and theories of what to come, chech the BBS FM trailer with the 2 NEW secret enemy, one of them is Eraqus' Lingering Sentiment and the other is NO HEART!! (XEMNAS' ARMOR WITH A KEYBLADE!!!!)
  15. No matter the tastes, Gurren Laggan will always satifiy with it's pure epic content and lovable characters, but mostly one in particular. The highest and most perfect form of action, epicness, unrealistic levels of powers (yes Dragon Ball can't even come close to what I'm talking about) and deep involving story.
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