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  1. Psychological Thriller and horror, and also sport and games
  2. i watch about 10-15 eps a week i love to watch more but just dont have the time.
  3. i have all naruto and all bleach and some d-grayman
  4. Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass
  5. Kuririn from DBZ. its easy to manage just have to shine it every now and then.
  6. i think it would be a close battle but i think Crocodile would be the winner just because garras body is mortal where as Crocodile body is made of sand.
  7. i have watched 164 to date i dont realy have a fav there are just to many to just pick one
  8. The first anime I watched was Zoids and the first manga was Kenichi
  9. I have them stored on my nas and i can watch them on any of my tv's or computers or mobile.
  10. I liked brotherhood the best. it just seemed to run alot better. and i like the ending
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