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  1. The last anime I watched was Bakemonogatari. The story wasn't anything special but I think it was the dialogue and especially the animation that really made this anime enjoyable.
  2. Hey saminyt

    I can make mini encodes for Naruto Shippuden unfortunately I can only encode them with a 480p resolution. From my understanding, Viz Media has only released them on DVD (480p) and the producers animated Naruto Shippuden in 480p. If I upscaled it to 720p I guarantee I will get a lot of hate because the quality won't be that great.

    Do you still want me to do a mini encode but in 480p?

  3. I recently finished Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. I thought it was awesome although the ending was kind of crappy but I still liked it. Gave it a 9/10. Eureka Seven Ao any good? I liked the first series so I'm hoping the producers don't screw it up. Has it it got any relation to the first series?

  4. I'm doing a bachelor of commerce. It's pretty interesting but way too much theory. Can't believe you hate the fact there is no exams. I'm the other way around I have exams for every subject except one. Wish I had huge assignments and no exams.

    Watched any good anime series recently?

  5. haha I know what you mean. I've only been able to watch one or two episodes a day, if I'm lucky I might watch a third. Can't wait for the semester to be over. What kind of course do you do at uni?

  6. hey man. not bad i guess just the usual (uni and working). How about you? I noticed you've harvested a large number of mini encoded series. Guess I know who to go to if I need small encoded series haha

  7. hey fallysan,

    Just letting you know that I have uploaded "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".

    Unfortunately I could only upload a mini-encode because I have extremely slow upload speeds.

    Here's the link to the upload:


  8. hey hagi,

    just letting you know that i have uploaded Toradora!

    Here is the link


  9. hey lemmingllama,

    episode 7 of Steins;Gate has been re-uploaded

  10. It seems the problem is the linkbucks page. When you get redirected to the linkbucks page, instead of clicking the "hide frame" button, remove the linkbucks extension in the URL. That should get rid of the error

  11. Hey cvillasana73,

    You said my Devil May Cry post doesn't work. What exactly are you referring to? Are the links broken or is the video corrupt?

  12. That's weird but when I cross referenced my upload URL and your upload URL they were different so hopefully it isn't affecting your links. As for B Gata H Kei, I'll be sure to upload it soon. Thanks for letting me know.

  13. I saw your post and just letting you know that the links are from my own mediafire account so your links should not be taken down. By the way thanks for your encodes and they are very well done.

  14. Sorry about that I edited the encoder into the info part of all my uploads just bad habit to not put in the thread title I'll be sure to be careful in future. I put the encoder's name in the index submission thread so when you put the thread on the download index, people will know who encoded the series.

  15. hey you requested the movies for Eden of the East so I've uploaded the files. Here are the threads

    Eden of the East Movie I: The King of Eden


    Eden of the East Movie II: Paradise Lost


  16. Awesome, then I'll try to upload as many as possible as soon as possible. Btw your encode quality is very good and soon I'm thinking of encoding my own stuff. Could you tell me which program you use?

  17. That's alright your not the only one so I've edited the thread and the encoder is named in the affiliated groups part of the info section which I should have done to begin with.

  18. hey I've been uploading your encodes onto this site. I hope you don't mind and sorry for not asking in advance

  19. None are mine. I'm just uploading anime series that I have on my harddrive. I try to add a thank you to person who encoded the series at the bottom of the post if I remember who encoded.

  20. Thanks. I found it off this website http://vr-eli.deviantart.com/art/SD-Eva-unit-01-Beserk-8141194?offset=30. There is also similar drawings on that site such as various gundams.

  21. Don't need to watch much about 50 episodes or less because you unlock characters in the story mode. You basically start with only main characters in the multiplayer like Kakashi and Sakura

  22. haha Detroit Metal City. Absolutely hilarious. Don't know why this isn't dubbed, production companies probably didn't think there was going to be a large enough target audience.
  23. Detroit Metal City. Absolutely hilarious!!!!!! I think I wet myself twice every episode and they're only 14 minutes long. Too bad it's only subbed but still extremely funny.
  24. Detroit Metal City OP! The noise they make is awesome but the lyrics are just hilarious.
  25. It isn't bad. I think I gave it an 8/10 on MAL. Its pretty funny but some of the jokes refer to Japanese culture and because I watched it dubbed I didn't get some of them (switched to subtitles during those instances).
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