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  1. hows things going? w/e happened to dae?

  2. whats up samurai_lord is school going ok? just taught i pop by and say hi!! xD

  3. The last anime I watched was Bakemonogatari. The story wasn't anything special but I think it was the dialogue and especially the animation that really made this anime enjoyable.
  4. If it's 480p, then no need coz I already have a 400p version of NS dual Audio. So, it won't be much different. But thanks for replying.

  5. Hey saminyt

    I can make mini encodes for Naruto Shippuden unfortunately I can only encode them with a 480p resolution. From my understanding, Viz Media has only released them on DVD (480p) and the producers animated Naruto Shippuden in 480p. If I upscaled it to 720p I guarantee I will get a lot of hate because the quality won't be that great.

    Do you still want me to do a mini encode but in 480p?

  6. Dude, loved ur Fairy Tail encodes. They are superb quality. Say, could u encode Naruto Shippuuden Dual Audio mini-720p as well? It would be great if u could do that.

  7. Would you mind sharing your 480ps of Sengoku Basara Season 2 on Kametsu as well?

    I noticed that you only posted them on "that other site".

  8. Eureka Seven Ao is going pretty good so far, i haven't seen any direct connections to the first series except in flashbacks where we see eureka, but to me its not a direct sequel but rather an alternate version or something. but its going good thus far so i will stick with it, i have a listing of it here if you want to watch it.

  9. I recently finished Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. I thought it was awesome although the ending was kind of crappy but I still liked it. Gave it a 9/10. Eureka Seven Ao any good? I liked the first series so I'm hoping the producers don't screw it up. Has it it got any relation to the first series?

  10. anime i recently watched..hmm..lets see. mostly on-going stuff, such as Accel World, Zetman(Thinking of dropping this), Fate/Zero II, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Medaka Box (thinking of dropping this), Eureka Seven Ao and Sankarea. have you seen any thing good lately that isn't on-going?

  11. I'm doing a bachelor of commerce. It's pretty interesting but way too much theory. Can't believe you hate the fact there is no exams. I'm the other way around I have exams for every subject except one. Wish I had huge assignments and no exams.

    Watched any good anime series recently?

  12. i study BTEC HND in computing and systems development from the university of London, which i kind of despise because there is not exams instead we get assignments which are a total bore. :/.. what kind of course(s) you do?

  13. haha I know what you mean. I've only been able to watch one or two episodes a day, if I'm lucky I might watch a third. Can't wait for the semester to be over. What kind of course do you do at uni?

  14. i guess your right about the small encodes, that i did build up a sort of collection. i have been pretty busy with my university and work. a lot of stress which is impeding on my anime time.XD

  15. hey man. not bad i guess just the usual (uni and working). How about you? I noticed you've harvested a large number of mini encoded series. Guess I know who to go to if I need small encoded series haha

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