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  1. I love both but I would have to go with Luffy!!
  2. I've finished around 20 and Vampire Knight, Witch Hunter Robin, Hellsing, and Inuyasha were my favorites!
  3. I normally check out youtube and snoop around on there it's lead me to quite a few different new animes that I've really gotten into!
  4. I absolutely hate Kikyou from Inuyasha not necessarily sure if she's a main character or not but I can't stand her she's a soulless person who should have just stayed dead! I don't really like Naruto though my little brothers tried to have me watch it with them and I just couldn't stand him.
  5. I like Robin from witch hunter robin she was always there for her friends and tried to do right and be compassionate even though there were plenty of times that she was against everyone else. Plus she stood by what she thought was right even though it almost cost her life more then once. I actually really like Sesshoumaru too even though he's mostly considered a villain lol!
  6. I normally watch mine on my tv or on my laptop!
  7. I prefer the longer animes because they have more time to develop a story, and to make you become attached to the characters!
  8. lady_kurai

    Favorite Anime

    Sailor Moon, Vampire Knight, FLCL, Inuyasha, Witch Hunter Robin and Ghost in the Shell are some of my favorite ones!!!
  9. I would have to say Soul Eater as well as Witch Hunter Robin i hated where it left off in Witch Hunter robin although i absolutely loved the anime!
  10. I really liked Akira but I preferred Ghost in the Shell, I liked the storyline better!
  11. I rewatch Sailor Moon and Witch Hunter Robin a lot!
  12. I actually haven't watched the witchblade anime yet but i was curious about it.
  13. I like the Hellsing fight scenes and the fight scenes between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru!
  14. I'm normally not to disappointed with the endings of animes and mangas but there are a few that I didn't really like the ending for which would be Soul Eater, and Witch Hunter Robin
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