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  1. So, in the manga, what is the deal with usopp? When they learn that blackbeard is stealing devil fruit powers, usopp says, "they don't need the hitohito fruit, do they?" anyone know what that would translate as? Also, does anyone else think it means that usopp did more than power up on that island?
  2. Mr_Owl


    sorry about the long wait, i've finished one, am mid way through the second, and have a third waiting in the wings. However, my camera got crushed during the move to the university, and i haven't replaced it yet. it may be a while until i can get a temporary replacement.
  3. Mr_Owl


    I was originally brainsoverbrawn, which came from me out-thinking basically my entire high school. Now i'm Mr_Owl, because that was my favorite nickname in high school. It helps that owls are basically my favorite animals.
  4. I recently started playing magic, and i played yugioh up to the first wave of neo spacians came out. I absolutely love draft tournaments, and i play standard, but no tournaments. ( i'm just not good enough for that yet)
  5. i play, but i haven't gotten into the online version yet.
  6. i gotta go with Rachel from case closed. She punches through a concrete pillar in the first episode as a reminder to shut up. And then continues to be important and beat the crap out of bad guys occasionally. Most of the others i know have already been mentioned though, like hawkeye. There's also that BB buster from Beet: the vandal buster, but i can't recall her name. She's ridiculously strong from the first time she's introduced, since she can take out three mid-level busters using their most powerful weapons in something like one hit.
  7. I just started college, and i had to leave my 360 at home, so me and my roommate log about three hours a week on super smash bros... Before that, i could log about five hours a day, usually. If i had to work an eight hour shift, it was more like one or two.
  8. Mr_Owl

    TCG Section

    i recently got into magic, it'd be amazing if you made the sub forum.
  9. Mr_Owl


    i don't think so. where is it? and when can you get it? is it only at the beginning, or is it just back at the bus station?
  10. Mr_Owl


    I've been playing borderlands a lot recently, and i came across a strange easter egg. If you go to the secret dock in treacher's landing, and shoot the barrels in a particular order, this odd little scene appears with a guy on a fish. anybody know what's that's about, or supposed to mean, or what the heck it is? also, anybody find any secret chests? I found one in rust commons west beneath the gun tower, and one in New Haven that gives you the Rider gun.
  11. Mr_Owl

    Macbook pro

    My accer officially committed suicide a while back, so my parents are helping me buy a new laptop for graduation. I'm considering a macbook pro. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. impressive. you've all got it.
  13. Here's a riddle i heard recently. If you have heard it before, or figure it out, DON"T POST THE REASONS. Just give a good example. Here Goes: What would you take through the green glass door to get into the green glass room? for example: you can take floors, but not carpets. you can take feet but not toes. Remember, If you figure it out give an example, not the reason. if you want to check the reason, please feel free to pm me.
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