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  1. Each time I click to download from MediaFire, it takes me to the home page of mediafire instead of the download link. I am a free user with no account on that site. Have they banned free users or is something else going on? (Each time I try to click on the file for yugioh or sailor moon, this happens)
  2. I actually prefer FMA to FMAB anyday. I personally think the drawing is much worse in FMAB. Lust looked so horrible. Plus Winry was more involved in FMAB (yucky!) lol, i am not a Winry fan....
  3. I personally don't mind too many of the animes out there as of right now, but when I went to see Fushigi Yugi and Ayashi no Ceres, I was extremely disappointed. The mangas alone are simply amazing and the stories are just powerful. But the animes themselves were a whole different story. Fushigi Yugi - The manga is one of the amazing ones I have ever read. But the anime just made me sick. The voice actors were horrible beyond all belief and were drawn just as bad. Ayashi no Ceres - My whole problem with this is the fact they skipped pretty much all of the books plot and it ended up badly... super disappointed. Has anyone else found ones that were amazing and the other was just horrible?
  4. Fushigi Yugi and Ayashi no Ceres were my firsts. The books were amazing, but like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, the tv series just sucked...
  5. I hate Tenten and Sakura with a passion. Tenten is pretty much worthless to everyone as a ninja and Sakura's Sasuke obsession is just way too annoying
  6. I am not her biggest fan.... she's actually my least favorite character next to Momo. But her random off the wall comments are entertaining. For those that are big fans of Rukia/Ichigo - you have to check out this story on fanfiction.net called Inner Hollow. It has to be the best Bleach fanfic ever!
  7. I do think it is kind of odd that Dante Basco (Zuko) is coming back to play another character.... and I do have to wonder what Zuko/Mai's kid would be like... I'm gonna say hot headed and good with pointy objects...
  8. I'm excited for it and cant wait to hear more details
  9. Reboot! Or Tiny Toon Adventures... both were amazing!
  10. This is one of the few "remakes" that have come in the last year that I actually enjoy! I really hope they don't throw too much of a love triangle romance...
  11. Just letting you know that Ai Yori Aoshi links are down

  12. I am looking for final fantasy "cut scence/game play" footage for a project i am working on... any scenes from VII and up would be awesome!!
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