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  1. Blood-c Uncencored. loved it, good story and great Art.
  2. I got a 8gig iPod touch 4th Gen fitted with a nice otterbox case. Well worth the money.
  3. Mostly just DC universe online and Saints row the third at the moment. i got several other games i have to replay after i had to buy a new slim ps3. :/ As for a PC game, just guild wars.
  4. Some animes are just to good to have 12 episodes, Like High School of the Dead. 24-51 episodes would have been better. I enjoy most of the ongoing animes i watch.
  5. Vizio 32 inch seems like a decent hd tv for it's price.
  6. 30 minutes or less and Super 8. Good movies, although super 8's scare factor was a -1 out of 10. movies are to predictable.
  7. most recent would be F.E.A.R. other than that, the silent hill games had some good scares.
  8. black ops. halo is a fun multiplayer...but thats just all it is, a multiplayer game.
  9. Dragonaut: The Resonance. worth watching
  10. Ipod touch 4th gen. best mp3 player i ever bought. now to get an otters defenders case for it.
  11. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Very good game, played the game without knowing the "dead eye" move. lol learned about it after story mode when trying to get 100%.
  12. I got both, but since Microsoft is greedy with the money(online fees..wireless adapter) I find my ps3 much more satisfying since i can play games online for free..
  13. Little big planet to re-open costumes, stickers materials, ect. mainly so i have the stuff to use in LBP2 when i get it. hard drive got corrupted a couple months ago...still replaying other games to open stuff back up.
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