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  1. Huhm. There has been an issue with that I have noticed. I submitted a thing to google webmasters to fix it earlier. It now says that there is no malware. Do you have a button for Kametsu instead of FM, since this is Kametsu.
  2. Forum Name: Final Fantasy Generations (FFGEN) Forum Url: http://www.johnquickusf.com/forums/ Genre: Final Fantasy/General Total Posts: When it was online before had well over 20,000. Re-put up for 3 months had about 2,000 posts. Right now, not a lot. Total Members: 79 Unique Visitors Daily: Trying to reach out to old members to rejoin. Just yet another forum to peruse and hangout. I can probably add RPG Inferno when I have time.
  3. John


    Oh. Well. Goodluck Koby.
  4. John


    But, your still here! Ha. You truly have a passion for this stuff. The site seems to be doing well, so I am glad. I added you on facebook also.
  5. John


    ^ I know. I feel bad. Life happened.. I guess. Ha. But things are going well. I am in my 4th year of college at University of South Florida. How about yourself? Im glad you remember me! Are there a lot of old members still active, that have changed their names? I dont really recognize many people.
  6. John


    Hello. Would like to make another "Im back" post. Hah. Sorry.
  7. Hmm. Maybe the whole roleplay thing is getting old, and people are doing new things?! =P
  8. Basic, but interesting, I guess.
  9. John


    Not too bad lol. Busy as always... Yours?
  10. I voted Ryudo, but all of the games and main characters I enjoyed alot. I almost feel nastalgic posting this, and have an urge to turn on the games.
  11. I own and have played 1, 2, 3 and Extreme. All are great.
  12. I've played I, II, III, and Extreme. All are good in there own right, but nothing beats the original.
  13. I drive a 1998 Pontiac Trans AM 5.7L V8 M6 6 Speed Manual Trans.
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