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  1. I never thought I see the day that these games would be made in HD for the current gen consoles.Can't wait to replay these games again on the PS4 in 1080p.
  2. Anything yet?
  3. As the title says above,It Both the Dub of Heart of gold and Film Gold came out today,and I'm wondering if anyone is going to upload it today?
  4. Ok Great,Would you mind putting it(Digimon Adventures) on a format to where I can watch it on my XBox 360? If it's not too much trouble?
  5. Wow okay no wonder why TV Rips are hard to find,Then can You or someone make Rips from the US DVDs in MP4 format?
  6. I'm looking for the Saban English Dub of The First Season Of Digimon Adventures and the Movie too,I'm looking for a TV Rip version of it,if anyone has it,I've looked everywhere and I can't find it at all,So if anyone has it,Can you Uploaded it to MEGA? Please and Thank You.
  7. If your willing to supply a ITunes Gift Card then I'll rip it for you.The Movie is $14.99 on ITunes just to give you a heads up on the price.
  8. My sister got me into anime,She kept reading manga books at a school that she went to and I went to as well after she went to the 9th grade,I fullly didn't undstand what anime and manga was at the time I was only in the 6th grade and I had no knowledge of it at all,my sister had Watched FullMetal Alchemist(2003 Ver.),Ouran High school Host Club,and Fruits Basket(Still her Fav animes as of today),The one show that got me into to Watching Anime/Reading Manga Was One Piece(Funimation Dub).Started from EP 1 when I was in the 7th grade and now I'm fully caught up with the Dub a few weeks ago,and recently Saw Film Gold as well.But long story short if it wasn't for One Piece and my Amazing Sister,My Love for Anime/Manga would have not existed as of right now.
  9. I've been Watching Gintama All the way since until Ep 26 of Season 5,And I very little to almost never watch Sub Anime at all,With Gintama being the only exception. But From watching the First Two dub episodes out of the twelve they released,all I got to say is that This Dub Has blew my Expectations Away,Especially for the Main Three Characters(Gintoki,Kagura,and Shinpachi)One Word:Perfect. Definitely Much Better Voices for the main three,then from the Crappy Sentai Dub of the First Movie especially for Shinpachi"s voice witch was just..... I have no Words,it was just terrible. For the Other Characters Such as (Tae,Otose,Hijikata,Sugo,and Katsura.) • Tae is Really Good,Her Voice in my opinion Fits Very well,Keeps her exact same tone close to her Japanese VA. • Otose Is really good as well,Even though the First two episodes she had very little dialogue,Like With Tae Kinda,Keeps her Exact same tone close to her Japanese VA,it's a pinch but higher But Definitely Still better then Her Sentai Voice that's for sure. • Hijikata And Sugo,Good Picks for VAs,Like With Otose,very little Dialogue they had(Sugo only had like a couple small lines to say)For the Both of them,Hijikata Has that sorta deep voice,witch is good cause his Japanese VA had a deep voice and it's close to his Japanese VA and that is great.Sugo,Same thing like everyone else here,Voice tone almost close to his Japanese VA and that's great,can't wait to here more of them in future episodes they Dub. • Katsura,I need to here him a bit more,but his VA is a Good Choice,So So Not Much on Par with his Japanese VA,but His English VA still brings out the energy in him like his Japanese VA does and that's perfect for me in my book. All the other Characters Such as Kyubei and Hasegawa,They only said small sentences,so i couldn't really tell if it was good or not,But will probably here more from them and everyone else when more of the Dub Comes. I Personally think the Cast of the Dub is Really Good,The Jokes they do Land,Almost Every Name is Pronounced right(Minus Katsura,but I can easily adjust to that.)and More importantly It definitely Keeps the True Sprit Of Gintama,Which in my Opinion Is Great,makes this a English Dub Worth Checking out.
  10. As the title says above,I'm in a need of some new anime to watch,The Only Anime I had been watching lately is Gintama(S5 Ep 26 if anyone wants to know where I'm at.),and I want to take a break from Gintama for just a little bit and watch Something new and different,It Could be From Any Genre long or short.Just need to take a small break from Gintama before getting back into again.
  11. The title says it all,Is it worth getting at all,cause there is a few games I definitively want to play on it.One Being Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and another being the two Dissidia Games.
  12. Okay I see,I didn't know Born skipped the 5 and changed the plot of the 7th LN that Sucks,But still I'm going to take my chances and watch it(When I get to season 3)to see how it is,Cause the previews that Funimation puts on their YouTube channel makes it more convincing to watch,and did they at least cover the 6th LN in some way? and I don't have the LNs to DxD,Might consider on getting them though.
  13. How much does the anime cover the light novels?,Does it cover everything?,or does it leave some parts from the novels out?Im just starting to watch it so I'm curious as to how much all three shows cover the light novels,Since all three seasons has 12 Episodes each.
  14. Ok I'll start riping it this afternoon
  15. Quick question:What Channel did you get the Kirby Episode From?