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  1. Hi Mae, Wow It has been a long time since i logged in here. haha

    How's everything Going?

  2. i'm currently watching naruto shippuden dub episode 43. still got to wait for the rest of it.

  3. definitely naruto / naruto shippuden .. =D

    slam dunk was my fav before but eventually its finished .. hehe

    i see you changed your sigs .. nice one ..

  4. all kinds .. i like adventure kind more .. example : naruto , dot hack and others =D

    i don't mind watching fairy tales kind of anime too ..

  5. hello zack !! you need help ??

  6. michael click HOME !!!

  7. the face .. hehe .. when you type hello there and with a face ..=D

  8. hello, btw nice pic .. ^_^

  9. haha .. well everyone here replies really fast .. hehe .. keep posting and don't spam .. remember that .. also don't forget to thank the uploaders ok .. =D

    if i'm not mistaken.. hmmm , when your post reach around 50 you will be rear guard but you can also change it to your own .. =D

    when i see you i'll explain how the forum works ..

  10. hello .. its actually easy .. you need to post 5 post and don't spam it .. right after you post 5 posts you can then view the downloads to download any anime's you like from this forum .. remember don't just post for the sake of just downloading an anime .. have fun in posting a question you want to know , and many will reply you .. KOBY will be the 1st to reply you =D .. have fun with this forum, you will definitely enjoy it here ..

  11. thanks for the add .. have fun downloading .. hehe =D

  12. hello assassin .. hope you stick around .. have fun downloading =D

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