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  1. Oh yeah (first of all, MONEY). Likes when it rains?
  2. Boston. Seeing the ocean for the first time was pretty amazing. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  3. I think the only time I've ever managed to fall asleep to Anime was when I used to watch it on Adult Swim. That would be one way to tire me out.
  4. I was watching Cyborg 009 when it was on Toonami back in the day, but they just stopped showing it all of the sudden. It was halfway through the season and they took it off their lineup. I was pretty upset.
  5. VincentsLucrecia


    Hello, and welcome to Kametsu!
  6. I also think Germany is going to win, especially because of how well they've dominated the entire World Cup.
  7. X-Men: First Class. I was actually pretty shocked at how it ended, as I'm not huge on the whole comic book scene, but I did enjoy it.
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