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  1. Man.. all a brotha want to do is watch space dandy 2....

  2. Seeing one of my old banners up is definitely a pleasant surprise :D

    1. -Zero-


      I know right? I saw my old banner there as well and it felt nice seeing it there. Good times.

    2. Edder


      im just happy to see some old "faces" still active here :D

  3. What's everyone's opinion on the Attack on Titan dub so far?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. badman


      I have mixed feelings about it. I don't like Mikasa or Eren's VAs. In fact, I don't like most of the cast, except Mike McFarland. The writing is extremely good though. The acting is good enough, but the Japanese was perfect. I will still be watching though.

    3. megagold5


      Havn't gotten around to watching anything related to AoT yet, waiting for the full dub.

      @Emrys: Rare to see someone other than myself that admits to liking nearly all dubs. Good times.

    4. Trend


      There's a lot of AoT hate, I personally loved it. I hear a lot of non-anime watchers took a liking to it too, so thinking of introducing some of my friends with this anime, which is why I asked

  4. Anyone know where there might be some working coyboy bebop links?

    1. HeavenlyClassic


      nyaa? i know there was one on /t/

    2. MysterySword


      For the Blu-Rays? I've been meaning to upload some 1080p/720p dual-audio episodes for some time now.

    3. Nintendon't


      Any chance you could upload em?

  5. Anyone here play League of Legends?

    1. HeavenlyClassic


      ive seen the uh blue girl announce video and shes hot and funny so i looked at gameplay and its not for me.but the characters are funny thats for sure

    2. firedogx10


      i play but i haven't played in about two months, and I'm not that good. most of the time i just end up feeding the other team trying to learn how to play.

    3. lemmingllama


      I haven't played recently, but I do on and off. Got my level 30 account and everything

  6. Gems, gems are truly, truly outrageous

    1. lemmingllama
    2. Cyrus


      You better not be saying that about Crystal Gems

  7. Ironically, this is the anime that got me into watching subbed XD can't wait to hear how the dubbed turns out
  8. Poe: I like the flow of the sig it's all very smooth and the sharp text looks great. Breathless: Pop-out sigs will always be an attention grabber, although I really like the background incorporated into this Firdog: The focus is spread out a bit too much with all that's going on in the background.
  9. Must last one. more. week

  10. playlamegetfame ∂яεαмεя Apollo
  11. Just fyi, Spice and Wolf season 2 is on netflix

  12. Is Princess Mononoke only available in 720p by 480 or are there higher quality versions out there?

    1. Renzourin


      given its age i highly doubt its available any higher trend i mean i think i watched that on VHS

    2. Koby


      Its either already been released on bluray or it's planned to be as all ghibli films are.

  13. Kudos to all those who have been making banners lately, they all look great!

  14. Oh hell yes!! Roberta's Blood Trail got dubbed!!

    1. Trend


      Black lagoon's sequel for those who don't know

  15. Just finished Steins;Gate. Top notch, I might say and I have you fine people here at kametsu to thank for convincing me to give it a look

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hagi


      so much good.. must watch for all syfy fans.

    3. Trend


      There's a lot of character development in the first half which makes it all the better when sh!t starts hitting the fan

    4. DrumRoll


      I preferred the first half. There was more character development in my opinion. One of the few anime where I enjoyed characters having a lengthy discussion. Hands down best dialogue in anime:D

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