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  1. yea still working a lot and going to school but that is almost done for the summer... i am actually pulling an all nighter currently to finish some papers and i may have to do another one tomorrow to finish more homework.. i have been playing other games in my free time pso kinda got boring for me not enough action.. one thing keeping me sane is that i can play games at work sometimes so i atleast get to have some fun on ocassion and i am sorry for your loss i read about it on the forum here

  2. You still working 80 hours a week and too busy for some fun? Our team in PSO is pretty much dead and I'm having no luck getting people to return. It's pretty much just Iki (Punner), Ren, and me, but neither of them play that much though either.

    IDK if you heard or not but my sister Taylor passed away March 20th as well.

  3. yuthdud

    looking for some particularly gorey stuff !!!

    There is also Ninja Scroll Shigurui: Death Frenzy (if nudity bothers you i would skip it) Kill Bill Angel Cop Vampire Hunter D Claymore M.D.Giest
  4. i am working 80 hour work weeks... i do not get much free time anymore...

  5. so far so good man you just disappeared and wondered where you went my HD crashed lost some data but other then that lifes been good

  6. it has been well been working so much i cant do much of anything though... how about yourself

  7. yo yuthdud hows it been?

  8. pso is working again i just logged in

  9. damn.y isnt it connecting? ill ask ren

  10. actually i am playing it right now so i am not having any problems with it

  11. hey yuth, u having problem getting on pso?

    i start it but it says the site is under maintenance or something

  12. Sorry bout yesterday i got on and lost connection, it had been doing it all day, i will try to be on later if i can get my net back to normal. Although i dont think i am going to catch you now that your in the 40's.lol

  13. it is not letting me back into the game... keeps on freezing

  14. I cant tonight my bro is wanting to watch a movie but i will be on all day tomorrow, got to catch up to you . ^_^

  15. i am going to be playing pso for a while if you are interested some time tonight