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  1. Yep. Llama's got it right with the Laminate aspect. Depending on the material used to print it off, you could potentially take it to a print shop to do it. (There's a nearby Fedex Store that I can take stuff on a flash drive to and print it off on multiple cards). I know a friend that did this for his set of Cards Against Humanity. Best game ever.
  2. FFX-2. Yep. It was hyped up to be the next biggie, because lets face it. 10 was great, as good as the day they discovered sliced cheese. But man, X-2 was the biggest let down ever. You didn't even see the true ending unless you were a true completionist and did the 100% without missing a beat.
  3. Not much you can do to be honest. Games that don't get translated are usually a large risks for a company to take. That's why FFVI was translated and retitled as FFIII in the U.S. for the SNES in '94. A small fanbase can't possibly make up for the costs that a company would have to take to haul through the process of translating a game, and sometimes even translating it requires changes to the game; especially in modern video gaming today. You occasionally see games that slip by with just a "english sub" instead of the full english rework, but that's the most they can give you without overspending on something that they can't hope to make a return on. At least PS3s are open region, afaik Xbox 360's are region locked. (I know how you feel, and I'll probably never see a english version of Fatal Frame IV, but at least I can play it on my PS3 without having to buy a whole new system or go about modding my PS3).
  4. KIWIS. I wish I could grow my hair out longer. C= My dandruff gets harder to control when I let it grow out so I tend to keep my hair short. This is actually an older picture but it's kind of like a close up of my hair. Someone also told me I could probably pass off as a Shizuo from [Drrr] if I got a yellow wig and somehow got my glasses to stay transitioned for a longer duration.
  5. Haha. Danke. I am like head over heels for her, and seemingly my dorkish mannerisms have woo'd her as well.
  6. I forget that this place exists most of the time, I used to come here just for the regular CB. Oh well C: I forgot the last time I posted a picture but I am doing well these days. My lovely girlfriend <3
  7. I'll have to post a new picture when I get a chance. I think my last one I had like a goatee going on, bu its been a lon time since I shaved that off.
  8. Sometimes I forget to come back here and visit. Its as if I forget this place exists...

    1. AxelVIII


      I don't blame ya, this place is kinda dying imo.

    2. Koby


      Don't forget us!

    3. Oblivia


      You are such a Dory....

  9. D: I love Axel! Dat's a 10 in my book.
  10. Yeah. I thought it was a dumb idea. Copy creatures are going to be more competitive now as a result but I believe that's a result of turning Illusions in the M14 Set into a much stronger, like. Type. Meaning my Mirror Gallery don't mean as much for using against others.
  11. I don't remember what I was playing on in Beta 3, but I signed in during the open-beta phase 4 weekend and created myself a character on Exodus. Been playing on it since and my server isn't one of the "popular" ones either so the population isn't followed by a bunch of misfits from reddit, 4chan, etc. ...That's the last thing I want to do. I also got into a FC that I'm regularly active in, so I'll probably just make it my home server. I considered server jumping early on but I'm already nested in, no point in leaving
  12. Yup. Been like, one week and I'm halfway with the main story questline. I mean that's not to say that "OH, THIS GAME IS SHORT; NOT WORTH MY MONEY" but that the main story wasn't quite the purpose of the MMO. The director came out and openly stated that XIV would be an end-game content sort of MMO; and how would that sell? By making End-Game Reachable in a reasonable manner. You'd probably spend weeks, months, or even years to reach max level and craft the highest tier equipment in another MMO. To be honest, I love that XIV is P2P. It deters away anyone who would turn down a "good game" because it has an extra price tag. I would rather not play with people who think some games are only worth a dollar value and no more, because generally they're stingy with money and make for a bad companion (to me at least, not all of them. Though honestly, if you don't have the ability to spend $14 a month, even $16 for max character creation per server, then you must not have priorities set straight. I have a few bills as well as the responsibility of feeding myself and ensuring my car has gas, $14 is not that much after the initial purchase imho because I don't plan on playing anything else.) And besides, a P2P MMO is generally better imho than a F2P. A F2P has no motivation or funds necessary to motivate the possibility of "DLC" / "Additional Expanded Content" that MMOs generally NEED to continue even existing. A P2P based MMO (While not going to hold well in today's society) has the funds necessary to do what needs to be done. My money, and other players money aren't being solely used to "pay" employees to sit around now that the game is finished. It's going to pay employees that are actively working to better my enjoyment of this service. This game. This great game.
  13. Lol, as a result of the new Set. The Legendary and Mythic Rule has been reworked. Now Lets say player A) Plays a Jace, Memory Adept; Player Can also play a Jace, Memory Adept and neither would explode as a result of Creature Uniqueness; however if I had a Jace, Memory Adept; and a regular Jace Beleren, I have to sacrifice one of them as per the new "Uniqueness" rule. Same applies with Legendary Creatures.
  14. Yeah. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/4b021eb3d632f08be9d6198fd595066b31d7fb59 They're adding a few servers while tweaking the hardware to fit for more players. For the most part though this game is great. I'm currently a 25 LNC, 12 CNJ, 13 THM,16 LTW; about 40% through the main story (About 70 quests in, with around 110 left.) I really like it, the game is highly polished and they're legitimately squashing the tiny bugs that slipped through beta. The whole hardware issue concerning people not being able to log in is no big deal in my honest opinion. People paid their money, and Square Enix does not falter when it comes to money. They're providing players on their 4-Day Trial with an additional 7-Day Trial (Not sure if currently subscribed players get the bonus 7-Days either but fingers crossed that we do for committing so early.) I really like it and I'm going to be sad once I finish the main story line in the next week or two, because then what will be left is sidequests and FATE Grinding so that I can max out each of the other classes that I remotely care for.
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