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  1. boys boys cmon of course tsunade she is busty lmao.... the older the better, more experience truuuuu?
  2. @swordplay yea i just finished its pretty awesome i like the story bout wat happened in the past that arc was sikkk especially the fight wif Bunshichi n shin
  3. ur fave arcs? ur fave character? ur saddest moment/s? the funniest moment/s? do u like the anime overall or does it drain it a bit? best arc so far to me was "rebellion", coz it was sad n FUNNI(hijiaka LMAO) action wasnt at all good though
  4. wat do u think about it? i rekon the guy is an asshole
  5. grimjow jagerjaques is the strongest! trueee?
  6. kazuo_kiriyama


    will we ever be able 2 c his bankai? even isshin's and maybe kenpachi's and the other characters that havent shown them yet
  7. farrrrr i fink ill watch grave of the fireflies then it must be really good
  8. if theres any arcs 2 do wif roranora zolo then ill watch it
  9. add me dante_valentino on psn we'll c how good all you'se on kamestu are hahaa tdm or ground war though there more fun
  10. farrrrrr i enjoyed the first 70 episodes but to me its starting to drain it coz its repetitive and too long *but thats my point of view*
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