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  1. Gringo1323

    Gay Rights?

    I never understood why people cared about what benefits others were getting. I mean seriously why should anyone but those who wish to be married care about whether they have tax breaks and visiting rights. Marriage is a civil issue, and I don't know anyone who wants to force churches to wed those who are homosexual. I really don't get it.
  2. Well, since I'm true neutral I guess around a 50?
  3. I've been swimming since I was five. I now swim like a fish.
  4. It's really simple. Get about a pound of a roast, rub salt and pepper onto it, and then put it in the oven at around 275F for an hour and a half (or until you think it is done). It is so good.
  5. I believe in a greater being than us, but don't believe in the Judeo-Chrisitian beleif system. I believe that This greater being doesn't care in whose name we are doing acts, as long as we are acting in a good manor. It only cares that you do not try to hurt others, and if you do accidentally, or to some extent deliberately hurt others, that if you attempt to make up for the wrong you have done, it will accept mistakes (to a certain extent). I do not think it is omnipotent.
  6. Gringo1323

    Gay Rights?

    Why should there be a problem. It;s not like allowing homosexuals to marry will affect anyone but the homosexual couple, and maybe their family. Plus the whole separate but unequal thing. ---------- Post added at 08:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 PM ---------- Well, the church has been separated from itself for a really long time...Since the beginning in-fact. Unfortunately government seems to have managed to get itself entangled. It doesn't hurt anyone to give equal protection to all citizens,, so why should it be banned? It's not like allowing two consenting adults to have the same legal rights as two consenting adults of opposite genders affects anybody but those who are marrying.
  7. I was 13 and in 7th grade(middle school), and was missing school that day because i was sick. My dad was driving me to the doctors when we heard over the radio what was happening. We actually heard it as breaking nes just as it was happening. I was in complete shock and glued to the radio in the doctors office. The staff at the hospital, my dad, and all the other patients and parents were all glued to that radio. I remember people crying and looks of shock and horror. I was in the doctors office when the first tower went down. I swear everything went silent. Then people tarted screaming. It was terrible.
  8. Gringo1323

    Gay Rights?

    I think that marriage should come in two parts. The first part is he part dealing with legal matter. In that case all marriage between consenting humans (over the age of 18) should be allowed and given equal rights, protections, and benefits. As long as this occurs, I could care less what happens on the religious level. The second part is the religious part, and there I think it should be up to the individual religious organizations, as a business to decide whether they wish to marry those of the same sex. In this way church and state or kept separate and religious groups can make the decision on whether they are willing to marry people of the same sex. If two people of the same sex want to marry and their church(or whatever) does not want to marry them, then they can change churches (or whatever).
  9. Agree with everyone, no age limit. I plan to be watching anime in heaven if I can help it. My friends and I all like anime, and cartoons definitely aren't just for kids, try re-watching some of the disney movies, definitely has something for all ages. Same thing with anime.
  10. Depends on what you mean by open mindedness. I agree with PseudoSage. I personaly believe that there is no one right way and that I have no right to try and convince you that some other way is wrong. I think that a person should e allowed to live as he or she sees fit, as long as the way that person lives does not directly interfere with my right to live the way I see fit(i.e. stealing, raping or murdering someone interferes with that persons right to live as they see fit). If one is talking about treating each other with respect (this is an old way) I think that should stick around and will stick around for a very long time.
  11. Here's how I see it. If the world ends up going down in 2012 I don't have to pay my student lone. if it doesn't go up in 2012 I get to enjoy my life. If the world is destroyed y some natural disaster(not related to global warming) there is little I can do about it. If it gets destroyed after I die I won't really care anymore. All i can do i try to help humans no do anything stupid, starting with myself.
  12. I think morals arose from the fact that as social beings, humans needed to know what to expect from their counter parts in the rest of their society. By having morals that benefit the majority of the society, each person can know what to expect and society can therefore continue to function. Problems arise when the morals of different communities conflict with each other (not the only time problems arise).
  13. I think the thing I consider most important right now is not really a controversy but rather a mindset. I think the worst part of human society is that each and every person in unwilling to take responsibility for his or her actions. Instead each of us points the finger at the other and says, I did it because of them. I think it is this mindset that allows a lot of the bad things that go on today to happen.
  14. I don't know what you would call my beliefs. I kinda pull from al sorts of religions,. My parents are Jewish, but I don't agree with or hold many of their beliefs. I do not believe in the Jewish God nor in the Christian devil. I believe each religion or belief system has something in it the is true, but that no religion in itself is TRUE. I beleive that the different attempts that religion makes to define right an wrong are just one apect, of the whole, and that each took one aspect of that Truth and based their belief system after it. It's kinda complicated but in the end I guess I believe that there is one TRUTH in the world/universe, , but that no one has reached it and that the different religions are just different aspects of that truth, nether right nor wrong.
  15. I support the existence of the death penalty, but I think it is used to often. The death penalty should only be used if and only if the crime is so heinous that there is no other way to punish the person who has committed it and if there is know way or the criminal to reform. In addition I think that the evidence against the criminal should be incontrovertible; there have been way to many situations where those who had been sentenced to death where innocent of the crime they had been convicted of. When ding a death sentence case, the court needs to be held to a higher standard.
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