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  1. hi! Thank you for the Birthday msg!! I am having horrible K YBOARD ISSU S...I HAV NO e UNLSS I CAP LOCK AND THN SHIFT...WTF IS THAT ABOUT.?..$35 I DONT HAV...LOL

  2. Thank you all for the Birthday Greets...NOW, I Know I AM SPeCIAL!!

  3. Hey! Happy BDay!!!

  4. Anjel

    Chimp rapes a frog!

    Poor Toad...didn't stand a chance...being forced to give a chimp head was not his idea of a "Beautiful day in the neighborhood, A Beautiful day for a Neighbor", etc...unless your the Chimp, I guess...OMG that was funny as hell...but I would like to talk to the person that gave this primate this huge amphibian to play with...Koby..once again, you have managed to entertain to the utmost...talk about Chakra Merging Orgasmic Expression...and in front of Children no less...do you think he let that poor thing go when he was done with it? I seriously don't think so, I bet they had to tranq. the poor little guy to get him to let go of his new "Neighbor" LOL:beat_brick:...OMG Thanks again Koby!!! Hey, I got a question...is the name Angel taken by an active member or has it been over 6 months since it has signed in...cuz I want it!!! BAD!! Thanks for Checking for me!!
  5. Anjel

    Combining 5.1 headset with my computer

    I had the same issue and bought myself a pair of the bose c-2's from a guy on ebay named Ron Harding...it is all he sells...they are used, but guaranteed and if anything is recorded in 5.1 under audio device, they are AWESOME!! If anything happens to them, cosmetic included, Bose will fix or replace them for something like $100...I must say that the noise cancelling feature is the greatest thing in headphones, ever...and if you happen to pull on the cord too hard...it connects at the earpiece instead of yanking it out of your pc...which I have done numerous times...they run on a AAA battery in the right earpiece...they really are wonderful and if you buy them used well, let's say, I won't ever need to and if somehow I fry these I can just send them off to Bose to be replaced for next to nothing as far as the cost of a new pair...but good luck either way you go! Now, I got one for you guys to help me with....I start up my pc...desktop is lovely, I click anything and the screen goes black for 3 to 4 seconds and comes back up in the hugest setting in computer land...and when I go back to desktop, all is well, til I click another program or try to go online...as a matter of fact..i am not on my pc at the moment over this bs...I have had the pc scanned and it asked for the disk...but when I put in the disc from Dell, my pc says it is the wrong cd or my cd drive is nonfunctional...it is def. functional...I can't access the disc through explorer and don't know how to figure out how to reinstall my video drivers...anyone gotta clue? I am not wiping this pc again...what a pain in my ars...lol Thanks guys, I know I can count on you guys to help me out and can someone tell me WTF is going on with BLEACH? Those SOB's....I knew it was gonna happen when they sold the sub franchise...I hate BS and Fillt:beat_brick:
  6. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=102808#post102808 another 1! but this time im working with anras, please join!
  7. Anjel

    Thanks for the friend invite...did we ever meet at bleachexile before they dropped their anime to just manga...I only ask because of your Avatar...love to chat sometime...c'ya and Thanks Again!

  8. hey angel welcome to kametsu

  9. Here we go! Enjoy your stay and it's an honor to have you here :D

  10. I sent you a friend request... it should show up in the top right corner now... and it will be in the box on the right side under all a persons friends if you wish to befriend others ^.^

  11. When I figure out how, I will send Friend request...is that OK? LOL Nice meeting all of you

  12. Can someone please tell me which episodes are filler so I don't have to let my brain die completely? OMG, If I go through another 12 eps of crap I will kill myself by literally pulling my hair out...lol but seriously folks...anyone got an idea? Thanks in Advance for trying to remember and I am In the eighties range of Episodes as of this posting....
  13. Any Character that got to Hook UP with Zack from FF VII...lmao
  14. Anjel

    Who kicks more ass? Sasuke or Naruto?

    HEHEHE...She is absolutely, spot on ....lol