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  1. what do you guys think? im buying this t-shirt http://www.zazzle.com/i_survived_dec_21st_2012_tees-235003667765000957 after i survive lol
  2. hey kobey im back and active believe it or not sendspace and mediafire are the new megaupload and i say we use that as a dominant resource because it appeals to the cpu and mobile user. in this day and age of the smart phone i say we use those 2
  3. Hey man, I know you haven't been on for a bit over a month now but if you ever get on again I noticed you like Batman Beyond. Do you have any 720p?

  4. me and my youth group pray for you and your sister
  5. its time for me to explode on uploads but to do that i would like to be appointed an uploader status its time to give the portable users of this site what they want:greedy:
  6. i know ive been uploading mp4 for two years now
  7. so lets say i plug it into my computer can i use it on PC games?
  8. yes siirrr i guess im a hero now to upload with it what a great wonderful moment im about to cry
  9. Mobile users find this place VERY COmpatible but can i post my sendspace links psphorizon allowed me to do it and a lot of people started to populate the whole site
  10. Graham10000

    OH yea

    this place feels nice AND i LIKE the organization better than other sites i am a uploader DUBBed only but......when i upload i watch it with u so i only upload Good and GREAT ANIME in MP4
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