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  1. I didn't think it would last this long. I quit this show early on.
  2. samurai jack

    The new version is said to be a lot darker than the original show. I just hope it doesn't stray to far from the first series. -adog
  3. I've been watching anime sine the 1970's. I also grew up watching the 70's run of live action giant robot and ultraman in syndication. So basically 45 years give or take. I was hooked on Sandy Franks battle of the planets when it first came out. Back then anime was just cartoons like any other. I don't think anyone was calling the shows anime where I lived until the mid 80's.
  4. Yea, it's bad when someone attempts too profit or scam off other peoples work. It's best to just move on and not feed the parasytes. I also don't care for uploaders who use money generating links like adfly or linkbucks. Seems llike some people will try anything for a quick buck. When bottom feeders try and take advantage of people it undermines the sense of community on a site. -adog
  5. I had a 3tb seagate full of shows die on me. The pcb shorted and left a scorch mark on the metal part of the drive. I considered the pcb swap recovery route but figured the cost wasn't worth it. Most of the lost stuff I had backed to blu ray discs as data burns and the rest was still here on the web. Backing up 25gb takes anly about 16 min. with an Lg brand burner so now I back every show up. Better safe than sorry. When downloading a new show I use a directory listing progam to keep track of what I have and store it elsewhere. -adog
  6. Thanks for the Fairy Tail info. Just started watching the series so this helps. -adog
  7. You could try MegaDownloader v1.7. It;s a free stand alone program that's easy to use and works well. Just google for it. This is not the same program as mega's sync downloader btw so don't confuse the two. -adog
  8. I have been downloading from it all day with no problems,. Just check it again and it's fine. I use chrome with Mega, Firefox never completes downloads right without the browser extension. -adog
  9. I bounce between ie and ff. I really like FF's plugin support. Flashgot and firefox make downloading simple. -adog
  10. My isp started to cap a year ago. That's when I started looking at mini-encodes for the first time. As far as being caught "red handed", there are plenty of vpns out there. Proxy's abound.
  11. Rapidshare is really going down hill fast. There restricting free users to a crawl claiming anti-piracey however if you buy an account then the piracy issue goes away.
  12. I do the same with Acronis. After a clean install boot off the Acronis cd and image the disc. I then make an incremental copy after visting windows update which makes a much smaller 2nd tib file which I burn to dvd. BTW Acronis can access images stored on or copied to usb drives after booting from cd/dvd. Finaly I install a daily use version with all my favorite programs and create an additional full backup that I leave an a second partion. I use this one to keep virus and trouble free without having to go all the way back and re-install everything. Takes 3 min. to restore a hard drive from a tib image file and I am sure it's clean and safe. Additonal Incremental or differential backups allow for roll backs without worry. Only real concern with Acronis and win xp is the newer harddrives with the new 4k formating. I think Only version 14 and up properly restores the sectors correctly. I saw this at seagate's website. They give acronis away free with their drives. -adog
  13. You could try xmedia recode. It's free and there is a portable version. http://www.xmedia-recode.de/download.html -adog
  14. Avidemux or Mediacoder might help, there also yamb I think. You could also just extract the tracks you want or need into a new mkv using Mkvtoolnix along with Mkvextractgui or MKVe-wizard. -adog
  15. Media Player Classic (mpc) & FFdshow filters will playback mkv's without the need for external matroska splitter. If you still can't fastfoward or rewind then there may be something wrong with the file or the decoder your using. MKV's are just containers, almost any codec compressor could have been used to create the video inside it. Good luck. -adog