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  1. I have two Vizio, 1 at 37'' and the other one is 22'' and Two Samsung, both at 32''. I got to say that the samsung look a lot more vivid since they're both LED instead of LCD.
  2. If i remember correctly, i think it was pokemon
  3. Yea sorry about that, i meant to say 480x272 but i couldn't quite remember
  4. What rahpower said...I've been using anydvd converter and it works like a charm...just make sure you change to the ps3 248x400 (don't remember if that's the psp screen ratio) preset and you dont have to worry about not fitting on the screen
  5. Im playing black...ev training for the subway right now
  6. Usually when it starts acting up...so maybe every couple of years or so
  7. I like to use firefox because it's simple and, imo, better than IE...it does tend to slow down time to time but, eh, i dont mind
  8. As long as theres lots of guns, bullets, and blood, I'll watch it...simple minded, i know lol
  9. I liked the first part and i thought it was hilarious, the second part was funny also but i felt they were very similar joke wise...hope the third one doesn't disappoint
  10. I see, that's why i couldn't access the site earlier....it's good to know that there was a fairly recent back up of the site
  11. I usually watch it on my phone...gotta love android lol
  12. I played the original mario bros. for the nes but i clearly remember enjoying Super Mario World for the snes when i was around 6.
  13. I'd have to say a 360, even though i own a wii, because of Reach and other games that are available. Only reason stopping me from buying one is Live, cant see myself buying online every 3 months or so lol.
  14. Im 21 and i dont feel that im that old to watch anime. I guess the reason people associate anime as somewhat childish is for the fact that its animated. Most people associate cartoons (even though anime may not be considered as cartoons) with children and what not. On the other hand, games like Black Ops and Madden have a more adultish feel to it thus being criticized less. But that is only how i see things. It doesnt matter what others think, just do what you like to do. imo, its as simple as that.
  15. It's good that this bill didn't pass. Instead of focusing on internet related issues, politicians should focus more on raising up the economy and bettering the country instead of trying to control the internet. Just my two cents.
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