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  1. hell no. men never hit girls. its pathetic and shows how weak he really is. how smallhearted he can be to bring himself to hit something so delicate.
  2. if you military then your old enough. if your old enough to die for your country then your old enough to drink. 18 sound fine. its not like most teen actually follow the law about drinking anyway
  3. yes actually. i have a room mate. and while i was gone for ten days training. my place became a garbage fested dirty ass place. pordon any french. there was condoms all over the place and in my room. he had sex with some chick on my bed and tried to hide it. and the place was trashed. i could keep going but you know. being in that army to youd think cleanliness is habit but the lack of respect for anything this guy had is why i put this up. not to mention other people who just think of themselves and screw anyone else. sorry still a bit irritaded. plus i wanted to know what others ideas were.
  4. what ever happened to the respect for anyones property or for that matter other people
  5. true. this war though over 7000 were lost. werent near as bad but still not good.
  6. i worded it wrong. i aplogize. the middle east has been at war for centuries. i mean the 10 years and thousands of american and foreign allied soldiers that have been lost. once we leave there is a good chance it will go back to what it was before we invaded. but i understand where you come from. thanks for you opinion
  7. Im a soldier so dont be scared to be truthful. i know we have been there too long. just my opinion. what do you guys think
  8. i would ride in a 1968 GTO Judge. oh wait i got one already. life is good
  9. i bought a desert eagle a few days back. titanium gold alloy with tiger stripes in 50 cal. 50AE very nice
  10. because they can and they know that you almost cant do anything about it. gotta love our gevernment and our financial branches
  11. they attack. just come to my house. i got plenty of firearms and MREs. haha zombies are friendly once you get to know them. haha
  12. Apparently the government is in debate on whether or not to pay its fighting forces this month. as of now only three states are against not paying the military but thats it. with 4.8 million on the armed services there will be a ripple affect accross the board. this may only be temporary. Whats with these liberals and polititions. im neutral but this is gone too far. whats your side. do you agree with it or not. whats you view on this issue.
  13. classic rock and classic metal.
  14. IF anyone buys a used weapon, make sure its not defective. I boought a CETME 308 by century arms for about 300 dollars. I took it to the range and put 7 rounds through it. the eighth round blue up leaving some of the case in the chamber and the head of the case in the extractor. firing pin was broken the locking peice was cracked and there was no headspace in the weapon. not to mention the remington ammo i bought was loaded entirely too hot. for any of you who know guns you know this sucks. gotta vent it.
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