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  1. I finally have stopped waiting for dubs and have started watching subs and I think its pretty good
  2. nope I think he wont be back.
  3. I was shocked when jiraiya died now we have to live with that..
  4. well I saw many animes in childhood but when I started to watch dragonball z, I took more interest in it and knew that animes and cartoons are different.
  5. well so far they have done more than we hoped in remake.so waiting for season 2...
  6. movie was awesome, eagerly waiting for sequel..
  7. I like it but sometimes it doesn't match with storyline of movies.They should make it with perfection so we can accept it as story between star wars 2 & 3.
  8. I think it is of hughs in fullmetal alchemist.
  9. ofcourse superman and batman. I am eager to see movie justice league and hope it beats avengers.
  10. yeah it's when he was a kid.. It's fun to see team kakashi's effort to see his face so I dont mind if they dont reveal his face soon.
  11. I always thought there is some kinda similarity b/w darth vader and sasuke but still its all in writer's hand, there are many possibilities for different ending.
  12. Last games I finished were witcher 2 and star wars force unleashed 2. now I am planning to finish all assassin's creed one by one...
  13. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=2911

    Koby can you fix link on this thread? It was the best quality in all FMA threads

  14. Why girl as a main character in avatar 2? It won't show decent and serious fight scenes. I hate girls anime fighting because they make so much noice while fighting like makin noice due to pain etc.
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