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  1. My dear, when I saw your picture I thought maybe she is quite young and I saw my childhood. I have one experience which I want to share with you to improving drawing skills. (1) Don't ever feel bored and shame because you draw bad, training and training will improve your skills. But how to improve your drawing skills. (1.1) Find out the well-known and favourite artists' arts because beautiful pictures is nutrient for inspiration > Copy their arts > Try to think how they can solve this picture. I give you some websites from here you can know some techniques (deviantart.com, http://cghub.com/, http://www.cgsociety.org/, http://www.conceptart.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=5, http://www.cgsociety.org/). (2) Try to improve base technique and draw simple things around you. Good luck with your drawing future. I give you name of my favourite artists: Ayami Kojima - Castlevania, Yoji Shinkawa - Metal Gear Solid, ... There is a summary about some favourite artists from other people: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=99627
  2. Infamous 1: The first, When Cole could not help his wife and saw her death. The second, when he know the truth, he (Cole - of future) kill his wife by his own hands. Metal Gear Solid form 1-4, Portable Ops, Peacewalker. I have same feeling with Saidon bro. Snake is always Forever alone.The awe moment when you know true hero is big boss (Naked Snake) and the fool is Solid Snake.
  3. Here is one of the best scenes of me. The ending of Infamous game. When Kessler say his last words: "Trish, i love you, please forgive me"... 87PTASpeVdg
  4. Agree with everyone. Today, we have many good fighting games such as Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Blazblue. So it is hard for me to say MK is the best fighting game which I have ever played. However, when I saw MK 9, I want to shout "OMG, they turn it back to MK3 and change gameplay (add more combos, fatalities for each character (more than 2 fatalities for each character), many old character was returned such as Jack, Crytax, ... maybe Liukang too... LOL... I hope that he is not zombie). This year I quite satisfy because I know that at least we have one great fighting game. Poor me, I can't play it because I am oversea student now, so I can't spend money to buy PS3 or XB. I have PS3 but it stay at my country.
  5. Mortal Kombat remind me about my childhood. We have a team and we often play it together after come back from school. The first version that I have ever tried is Mortal Kombat 2. Today we have 8 versions of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 9 will release in 2011. And I think this version will become the greatest version of Mortal Kombat. How about you? What do you think about Mortal Kombat? nqaC3mfHNX4 Do it make you remember about Mortal Kombat 2 or 3?
  6. I think we need some recommend a list anime for Christmas. So what anime do you choose for Christmas holiday? With me, I will download Hellsing. Because right now, I don't have much informations about new anime and reviews for them. So I greatly appreciate the suggestions from you. Now your turn. Ps: I hope you could introduce with me some websites provide good reviews and information about the newest anime
  7. Today I will recommend you some great fighting games for Christmas day. * 2D fighting games (anime style): 1. Guilty Gear Slash (the best version in all series) j6L5mxQ9H0g&feature=related 2. BlazBlue Continuum Shift II 4PbBTT7Z2YQ&feature=related 3. Super Street Fighter IV P/s: The gameplay of Guilty Gear and Blazblue are more difficult than Super Street Fighter IV but i think they are more interesting than SSF IV. Now I will give you an example about Combos of Guilty Gear TUZb45qYEjY If you like it. You can find more informations like basic combo of Guilty Gear or Blazblue on Youtube. It also analyse the advantages and disadvantages of all characters. * 3D fighting games 1. Tekken 1JJlKtwbQu8 They use some moves from real martial arts such as boxing, shaolin kungfu, 5 Animal Style kungfu, Drunken Kungfu, Karate, Akido, tae kwon do, mix martial art, military martial art, ... Combo part1 0CXI2JVxFp0
  8. I have 2 week free after finish my last term. Therefore, i think we should give a small list of anime and games for Christmas day. Here is my list: Anime: Code Geass Gundam 00 Speed grapher Games: Disgaea Disgaea 2 starcraft 2 Call of Duty: Black Opt Disgaea 2 Valkyria Chronicles II Next turn is you.
  9. Oh, Nice Iki. I am playing Disgaea 1 and 2 on my PSP. LOL. This game is awesome. It make me laugh all day. It is a great game. So if you have free time, you should try it. (beautiful combos + awesome skills + humorous story + great gameplay + great characters = what are you waiting for?)
  10. Nice to meet you. But I am a newbie too. LOL. I hope finding a home too.
  11. Sky-wings


    Wellcome. Ah, could you tell me which is the best movie in the gundam series. I have just seen Gundam 00 and I think it is really good in the gundam series
  12. I don't have any plan for this Chirtmas. Maybe I will find some Zombie movies to see in the Christmas's night. I think it is not bad idea.
  13. Sky-wings


    Nice to meet you. I love drawing too. T___T. But now I am too busy with study so I don't have enough time for drawing.
  14. Oh, I'm forgot telling with you that I'm training to draw. So I will post some pictures (I copy it from other authors so it doesn't belong to me). Oh, I spent 30 minutes for it and I got stuck on the lighting. And here is the original picture of author Ah, grrrr. I think that lighting is the hardest part in the picture. I hope someone could teach me. T____T
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