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  1. D.Gray-man was one of the top animes ive watched, its sad when a good anime just ends. There are so many of them! By the way will D.Gray-man be uploaded in sub or english dub to the site?
  2. High School of the dead, Soul Eater and another season of Tokko if there ever will be one. lol
  3. These all look awsome!! You are a pro ^^
  4. 997,075...........................>>
  5. I first got into Anime because of a friend who showed me an episode of naruto and ever since then i've loved anime.
  6. No Problem bro, Thanks for requesting.

  7. Thanks heaps for the sig. ^^

  8. Wow thats awsome!!. Thank you heaps, I love it. ^^ :happy:
  9. Highschool of the Dead #ep.7 So far it's been very good.
  10. I'am currently watching: Bleach Highschool of the dead Kyo Kara Mao Iam enjoying them all greatly.
  11. Could I request a sig if possible plz? Render: http://desktopwallpaperworld.com/images/anime-screensavers/anime-screensavers-Anime_Bleach_hollow_Ichigo_013758_.png http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab55/Seth73/Renders/Anime/Bleach/ichigo_bleach_hollow.png http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_eZEGHjmAXuA/TA3OKCfWUfI/AAAAAAAABSg/MrTQAj8n-SE/s1600/20080517_soul-eater.jpg Text: AussieMaddog Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black(Darkish colours) Other: any one of the pics is fine, I added 3 because I was'nt sure of size.
  12. Ive actually never played a game that scary I had to put the controller down, but when i played Slient hill Homecoming I sure did jump a few times when ever a werid(even retarted) looking demon/zombie comes out of nowhere and trys to kill you. I recommend watching the Slient hill movie if you liked the game, it's very strange but i enjoyed watching it and you might.
  13. I recommend Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, .Hack, Fariy Tale, Tokko, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist and Kyo Kara Moa. These are just a few well known anime that ive seen and enjoyed greatly. Hope this helps
  14. I vote for Ulquorra.. cause he's just a way more kickass fighter.
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