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  1. Thanks, never even thought to look it up in the local B&N
  2. Trigun anime was not in line with the manga? I don't read much manga, but sometimes the changes aren't that great when adapting it to anime. What are the major differences in the ending - I mean, is Trigun a totally new story (like the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime as compared to Brotherhood being in line with the original storyline) with most of the overtones being the same, or does it follow the manga until a certain point then deviate? And if the latter, then can the difference be summed up readily? Your response just piquied my interest. Thanks.
  3. rinscewind

    Hunter X Hunter 2011

    I'd tho't it was just going to be a re-do for the voice-overs, including the dub of the last part of the series. Sucks so much effort gets put into something that doesn't need re-made, when there are other projects the resources could be dedicated to bringing new content.
  4. What's been released so far is thru episode 26, while the manga takes the story well past where the anime leaves off. At least, I've read that on a few different forums - keep in mind I've not read the manga itself. With the unsatisfactory endings the anime-so-far leaves the viewer with - the mystery of the male leader(s), the development of the main character(s), etc - and the fact that the manga (as I understand things) takes the story so much further, I can only surmise that the anime is only partly done. There are just too many unresolved and even unaddressed story arcs for me to believe that the animated series is considered to be complete by the authors. I'll just have to wait another year or three for any further mention by any studio. Here's to hoping!
  5. Looks like it took a bit of work to transfer the post - thanks for the effort. I've looked around for news and not seen anything but a rumor or two, but has anyone heard about the next part (half?) to Claymore being made? Half a story doesn't a whole story make, and so I'm under the impression the rest of the story has yet to be made into an anime.
  6. Thanks, I just hate sifting thru hundreds of old links to try and find even one article/announcement about whichever title I'm interested in. I was hoping to have someone say "Yeah, there's a few die-hard fans who keep up such a thing at [link], I was happy to find it myself." /sigh Maybe someone will read this and post one ... eventually ... /chuckle
  7. Where can I find a schedule of up-coming dubs for various titles from various studios? Its been something I've never come across and have only ever found in random posts on boards like this one, which are usually not about titles I'm interested in. Is there a central site, like AnimeNewsNetwork, that keeps every title updated as to the status of planned dubbing, in-progress dubbing, and past dubbings? I've not found even a partial list, let alone a comprehensive listing, of such. Can someone provide a relative detailed answer? Just a 'No' would not be informative. Thanks in advance!