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  1. Ive been watching all of the classics that ive watched growing up like: DB, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Berserk, Inuyasha, etc. One of the ones ive missed out on was Fist of the North Star. Im into action and gore but it has to have a good story. Is it any good? And does it follow the manga? I dont mean the whole thing im asking if it ends generally in the same way the manga does.
  2. Thanks guys. I think im going to watch Phantom first & Black Lagoon. Ive seen some of Cowboy Bebop but i just couldnt get into it. I tried but it wasnt drawing me in.
  3. Gantz Darker Than Black FMA/Brotherhood Baki the Grappler Death Note Black Cat Durarara!! Baccano! Code Geass One Piece Dragonball Series Ga-Rei Zero Kaze No Stigma Ao No Exorcist Deadman Wonderland Elfin Lied Eden of the East D. Grey Man Soul Eater Hellsing/OVAs Anything similar to any of those animes? Nothing Ongoing please.
  4. about the One Piece episodes....

    I have tried quite a few things and many different settings but it's coming out the same after I convert it to mp4 so I'm going to have to try a few different software and see what works. I deeply apologize for the delay, but I've spread myself a bit thin on trying to do too many things at ounce. So I'm going to try and continue this but Witeout_203 you might want to re-request this just because it's going to be a bit before I can fully tackle this project again.

  5. Oh okay. If it gets fixed would you let me know?
  6. It is not so much a problem as it is a simple error. I was looking to see if the Rideback anime was here and noticed that the thread in the "Anime Downloads Index" jumps from the letter P to the letter S. Can somebody fix this?
  7. Yo, Happy new Year...

  8. I can easily say mine is between Beast Wars:Transformers and Gargoyles...what's yours?
  9. If they made a game like this,which probably would be the greatest fighting game of all time, who would you like to see fight? My list: Liu Kang vs Ryu Johnny Cage vs Fei Long Scorpion vs Akuma Sonya vs C. Viper Baraka vs Vega Raiden vs Bison
  10. Okay so I'm a huge fan of Gantz, both manga & anime, and in my opinion it's the greatest anime/manga ever. If you had seen Gantz, What are some animes ,that are similar, that I may be interested in? Also lookin for another type of anime that is similar to soul eater....any suggestions?
  11. Okay so I need the biggoron sword and dnt know how to get it....any body know what I need to do to get it?
  12. Okay if your an SE fan like me, you would be glad to know that it is being talked about making more episodes of Soul Eater....but they will be more or less a remake like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood...it would make sence cause the story never got to expand and become as great as the manga is. The original soul eater was only 51 episodes n most of it was filler because it caught up to the manga so fast.if this happens I would like to see better animation tho.
  13. Hey watsup people?! I'm new to this site and it told me to post in seed hallway or whatever so I'm here.
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