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  1. Chupathingy220

    Wireless Network got hacked

    Computer Engineer here. You do not need any sort of anti-malware or antivirus software installed on your iPad 2. Despite the big hub-ub about Macs now getting malware and what not, there is no mainstream spyware or malware that is able to run on any iOS devices. This is in part because apple has a limited number of devices to maintain, and also because they keep an incredible lock down on their App store and what code is and is not allowed to be executed on their devices. You're really own at risk if your iPad 2 is jailbroken. With the concern about your router or network being hacked, an IP address is not a reliable method for determining the source of an attack, and also just because an IP address made contact with your network does not mean that your network has been compromised. Local IP addresses change rather frequently, by local I mean devices in your home that use your network. For example, my IP address on my laptop is now, and 6 hours ago it was These are local addresses (yours might be 192.168.0.~, depends on the network). Now for external IP addresses, like one your router might see as "remote", often times they are communicated with via UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) which is a nifty little feature of networking which enables direct communication between two devices over the internet IF they are authenticated. What I would recommend is keeping an eye on the bandwidth usage on your router. If you notice that it is being heavily used all the time, then you may have someone taking advantage of your network for fun things like DDoS or torrenting. Finally, just as a precautionary measure, I would make sure that your wireless network is using WPA2 or at least WPA for security. If your router is using WEP change the settings immediately. WEP is easily crackable within about 5-10 minutes for anyone who can read a tutorial online.
  2. Chupathingy220

    Need something more "adult" to watch

    So glad that people get where I'm coming from with this. I'm actually making a running tally of all the ones I haven't seen in your responses, so looks like I'll have a lot of watching to do. Elfen Lied was pretty awesome, I had seen that one before. At first the crazy amount of violence was a little disconcerting, but it ended up raising some awesome questions about the nature of discrimination and how humanity would treat a mutated population. Hicks, I loved Black Lagoon and Outlaw Star, and Toward the Terra sounds awesome based on the wiki page, so that one's right near the top of my list now. I haven't watched Last Exile yet, though it has been sitting on my hard drive for almost a year now :-x
  3. Chupathingy220

    Need something more "adult" to watch

    Thanks for all the replies! I'll take a look into those. I've seen a few of them already. I forgot to mention Fate/Zero, which is what I'm currently watching. So far I'm really enjoying it so Fate Stay Night is definitely something I'm interested in. I've also already seen Code Geass. Totally forgot to mention it in my post :-p
  4. Let me clarify "adult" first before you recommend anything. I'm really starting to get tired of shows that beat you over the head with themes of friendship and honor and responsibility and blah blah blah blah. I've been watching anime for probably around 12 years now, and eventually some things just get old. The whole theme of friendship has been stressed to me soo many times that it almost gets to the point of being aggravating. This is not to say that a show that touches on the topic of making friends is out of the question, just something that it isn't the focus. While I'm ranting, gratuitous fan service is another one of those things that at this point I feel kind of detracts from a show. Sure, having an attractive/well endowed female character isn't a bad thing, but when every other shot is an upskirt or a cleavage shot, I feel like it detracts from the whole experience. In the end, I'm looking for things with a more serious overtone. With that in mind, a couple of examples of shows that I've really enjoyed have been: Another (Really creepy, but it raises great questions about the nature of discrimination) Ergo Proxy Deathnote Guilty Crown (this one kinda gets a little "friendshipy", but I found the premise interesting, Also the animation itself was fantastic) Darker than Black Spice and Wolf (More about companionship than friendship, and it was just so different from everything else) Stand Alone Complex Cowboy Bebop So can anyone help me out?
  5. Chupathingy220

    Fluid animation

    One of the most fluid animations I've ever seen in anime was Guilty Crown. I'd check that out. Has a pretty interesting premise too.
  6. Chupathingy220

    Sword Art Online (whole franchise)

    I definitely like the anime so far, but I wish it followed along with the novels a bit more. Out of the first 4 episodes it's mostly been what you would consider filler, with little overall plot development following the first episode. Other than though it's pretty good. And I agree that people who enjoyed .hack would probably enjoy this more.
  7. Chupathingy220

    Upgrade PS3 Hard Drive Questions

    haha that's perfectly understandable. I played mine for almost 24 hours right when I got it. Spring break, with no plans. A.k.a. perfect conditions for playing video games for absurd lengths
  8. Chupathingy220

    Upgrade PS3 Hard Drive Questions

    Well, the hard drive you linked to wouldnt work for a PS3. The drive you are looking at is Ultra ATA, also known as Parallel ATA. PS3s use SATA, Serial ATA. Definitely keep it a 5400RPM drive, as the 7200RPM can overheat the system. Replacing the hard drive itself is really easy. It should take you no less than ten minutes, even if you don't know what you're doing. There are plenty of guides online, and I'm pretty sure there's even an official one on the Sony website. I replaced my 120GB with a 500GB and it's run wonderfully ever since! As for using an external drive, I have no idea, but if I had to hedge a guess I don't think that would work...
  9. Chupathingy220

    Post Your PC Specs

    Laptop: HP HDX 18t Running a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 8 GB of RAM (only 533 MHz TT) 2 x 250GB 7200RPM HDDs 18.4 inch 1080p LCD Desktop: Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case Intel 2500k @ 4.2 GHz 8GB of RAM Nvidia GTX 460 (Planning on upping it to a GTX 680) 60GB Mushkin Essentials SSD for OS 500 GB HDD for programs and other random stuff 1TB HDD for TV shows and Anime :-D (I'll need another soon) All of this displayed in dual-screen on two HP 2311x 23" LED monitors
  10. Chupathingy220

    Scary or Horror Anime Recommendations?

    Elfen Lied is kind of in that vein. More along the lines of horror in terms of sheer violence. Another good one is Higurashi When they Cry. That one you would definitely enjoy
  11. Chupathingy220

    Kametsu MIA Explained | Future of Kametsu

    Thank goodness!! I thought kametsu was taken down along the lines of Megaupload and the like. I have about 1TB of anime I could share, but I'm currently living in a Dorm room at college, and they watch our internet traffic like bloodhounds. In a couple of months (i know that's kind of far off) when I have my own apartment I could definitely upload what I have or seed it on a private tracker if that's the way things go.
  12. Chupathingy220

    Can anyone recommend an LGA1155 Liquid CPU Cooler?

    If you're going to go liquid cooling, the corsair H60 is definitely what you want, but that's really only if you're overclocking, and I mean REALLY overclocking. For example, I have my 2600K overclocked (and stable) at ~4.3 Ghz right now, and I have an air cooler! The beauty of lower nanometer processes for transistors is that they put off much less heat, so you can get higher clocks out of them. I can't wait for Ivy Bridge, which is on a 22nm process. Should be able to overclock the crap out of 'em. By the way, if you want to compare the H60, H80, and H100, check out this article done by AnandTech. Some of the most respected guys in the computer industry... http://www.anandtech.com/show/5054/corsair-hydro-series-h60-h80-and-h100-reviewed
  13. Chupathingy220

    How's your hard drive doing?

    I actually have a lot of hard drives laying around. I have three external drives: a 250GB, a 640GB, and a 1TB drive. Internally in my desktop I then have three drives: a 40GB SSD that runs the operating system (computer is much snappier that way), a 500GB HDD that runs programs and has music, then a internal 1TB that has all of my shows (much anime of course!), movies, and games. To keep it going, I also have an HDX18t laptop with two 250GB hard drives in it. Surprisingly, I've never had a hard drive fail on me :-p
  14. Chupathingy220

    4tb seagate hard drive- your opinion

    I would avoid buying hard drives in general right now, since the prices are outrageous due to the flood in Thailand. Also, higher capacity drives are still a little iffy. While hard drives as a whole have been around for a while, single drives with capacities that large are a relatively new trend, and have a tendency to be unreliable. Also, If I remember correctly, the 4TB drives actually have high density 2TB platters, and the chances of one of those platters failing is greater, and it would more than likely knock out the entire drive if one goes. All in all, I say it's a bad idea.
  15. Chupathingy220

    Trying to build a half way decent gaming computer

    The nice thing about building a computer right now is that RAM prices are really cheap. In fact they're at an all time low! You can get 8GB of RAM for about $40 on Newegg right about now.