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  1. So lately i'm looking for a new anime to follow, however i can't make up my mind which to chose... Any suggestions? I really love(d) FMA Brotherhood Naruto Bleach One Piece Kinda the standard list i know... I like good action, deep characters and a rich story Suggestions welcome!
  2. Devonraynor

    Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi DON'T BOTHER

    DBZ has so much potential for a fighting game, however they keep putting out mediocre games
  3. Devonraynor

    Kingdom Hearts III (3)

    no idea what to expect as for the story, but i hope they keep the same atmosphere this series is one of my favs!
  4. uncharted series infamous series little big planet demon/dark souls
  5. Devonraynor

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Even though ocarina of time was a truly masterpiece, i enjoyed majora's mask more such unique concepts!
  6. Devonraynor

    Scariest Game

    even though im 25 i hate to get startled in games, so avoid them RE5 was okay though
  7. Devonraynor

    First Video Game

    think it was some games at the MSX, where games were on tapes lol
  8. Devonraynor

    Favorite Starter Pokemon

    Charmander, just love his evolutions! Brock & Misty were hard though, with that being my lead pokemon haha
  9. Devonraynor

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    somewhere down along the line i'm pretty sure she gets it
  10. Devonraynor

    Ichigo & Orihime or Ichigo & Rukia ?

    Rukia cause she tought him alot Orihime can be abit annoying at times
  11. So i recently started watching Bleach, cause my friends kept pushing me But since then i really love it! I was wondering.. are there more animes like Bleach (or Dragon Ball) Cheers
  12. Devonraynor

    Bleach Dub Discussion Thread

    It's a shame the Dubbed episodes only gets new ones, once a week