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  1. im not a emotional guy but the bit just before the ending of clannad after story had me crying on more then one occasion. i can honestly say its the only media to every make me cry. it was kinda cleansing. what animes have brought u guys to tears and did u feel better afterward?
  2. clannad after story, i fringing cryed and i dont consider myself a emotional person
  3. hey, ive been waiting on Black Butler to be dubbed 4 ages, aparently part 1 came out in january but i cant find it anywhere. anyone know whats up with it, is it just unpopular or somehting?
  4. ive been looking 4 this dub 4 ages, anyone know if its hosted yet?
  5. hi i was just wondering if clannad after story was being dubbed and if so when is it to be released? i watched the 1st season and loved it and i really want to finish it. thanks
  6. SEED DESINY will always hold a special place in my heart
  7. good call on black lagoon man i watched the first 3 eps and i love it so far. i has the same dude from deathnote as the main dude i think lol
  8. i dient mention them cause i disliked them lol, bit 2 mainstream
  9. im currently trying out "clone wars" and i godda say as american attempts at anime go its not half bad. but i may not be that objective cause just like star wars lol
  10. hi ive watched a lot of anime and im finding lately that for every 1 good anime series i find i got to sift thu 1000 bad ones. so far ive found that i like in no perticular order: (also i usually only watch dubbed and ive found that those animes i tent to like all fall after the year 2000) Code geass r1+r2 claymore gundam seed + destiny gundam 00 fullmetal panic guren lagann elfen lied gundam unicorn deathnote eureka 7 fullmetal alchemist if you guys can give me any recommendations for stuff u think id enjoy itd be greatly appreciated.
  11. avatarkane16

    Favorite Anime

    @Claymore...yeah it followed the manga till like episode 14 the it stuffed itself i was totally devastated cause now there's no way there will be a second season due to the stuffed story line lol. it is the best anime ever created if u like gundam it about a million times better
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