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  1. I noticed that Eureka 7 isn't uploaded. i actually have the files on a portable hard drive, but i don't have any of the information it has on it like encoding group and what not

  2. In the Manga he is the 11th prince of Britannia, in the Anime he is the 17th. Which is correct and do I need to change my name lol =P
  3. Honestly, with the movie. i wounder if the producers of the series were ever on set when the film was being shot? I can understand having a big name movie director film your idea but you shouldn't let them change it and totally bomb the movie.
  4. I usually watch a couple episodes. i try not to base the entire series off the first episode.
  5. I know someone who use to write fanfiction, it was all yuri, so i have been kinda turned off
  6. Then I will get on it, and i apologize for misspelling your name in my previous message

  7. Honestly at this point, whatever you can do would be helpful.

  8. Hey Kobe, I have downloaded a lot from this site and I want to help rebuild some of the download section. I do not have any fileshareing accounts but I can make torrents. though there is a problem of I do not know the file specifics. with your permission I can submit the files in threads for the series I have which I will list and please tell me if you would like any me to upload any. I will also make it clear I am not the original file owner/uploader/encoder and that everything did originate from this site.

    The series I have are :

    Gundam: 0079, 00(720p,DA), and Unicorn ep 1

    Black Lagoon: season 1 & 2 - 720p dual audio

    Darker than Black: Season 1 & 2 - Dual audio, season 2 is 720p and 1 should be as well, not sure

    Eden of the East: 720p,DA

    Eureka 7: dual audio

    Gantz: DA

    Ghost in the Shell: DA, 720 or 1080p

    Gurren Lagann: DA

    High School of the Dead: DA, 1080p

    Romeo x Juliet: DA

    Welcome to the NHK: DA

    Big O: Season 1 & 2 DA

    Birdy the Mighty Decode: Season 1 & 2 DA

    Burst Angel: DA

    Buso Renkin

    Cowboy Bebop: Digitally Remastered Dual Audio

    .hack//Sign: DA

    Ergo Proxy: DA

    Count of Monty Cristo: DA

    Mushi shi: DA, 720p


    some files have the affliated groups in the title, others i have renamed to episode number and title

  9. I Have downloaded a lot from the site so if you need some help making torrents I can make some and submit them to you for evaluation
  10. Here is an idea, what about live streaming of an a show, kinda like a mini tv network and include a live chat box so people can talk about the show as they watch it. and set up a scheduled block so that people can get online to watch episodes they want.
  11. Sephiroth has long white hair, a black trench coat, a huge as sword, and black angle wings. i would be suprised if he WASNT over rated, because that is all people really look at. that and the whole black angle wings thing, thats just cool no matter what.
  12. I like owning anime, that way I can watch it when ever a like and enjoy all the great moments. and I am a proud owner of Bleach season one, Death Note disks 1-3, Several Movies from Studio Ghibli and over 250gb of miscellaneous anime on my 500gb portable hard drive =3
  13. Glad to see the boys are back in town
  14. When people debate Naruto vs One Peice it's basically the age old debat of pirates vs ninjas. Naruto has much better animation than One Peice. personally I don't feel one piece has much going for it. It to me seems to try and be silly and serious which it balances this as well as trying to balance a pole on your tounge. It almost to me seems to try and emulate the DBZ fights that take forever and send people around like ragdolls. Naruto has a good hearted main character but is as annoying as the child in the back seat that keeps asking "are we there yet" made me want to falcon punch in to the hokage mountain. The story is ok but fillers honestly killed the series for me. Bleach started as an amazing show, almost hand crafted by god himself.......but sadly around the after season one the series goes down hill and things like Don Kunogi and the story that drifts off from the beginning made me lose faith. Gundam OO is my choice of the selection as it sticks to it's story and doesn't take many side tracks, tho in all critizing fairness Gundam OO season 2 was weak and picked up of the beautiful ending of season 1 but the second season answered some questions left hanging. This made season two ok to watch but still to this day I still call Lyle dylandy a poser and a douchebag. So while a biased mech/gundam fan I vote Gundam OO for story, characters, animation, music, and giant mobile suits.
  15. I am excites for the release next month but before it comes out I want to know what everyone thinks about the series as a whole, an please keep spoilers to a min as I have only watched 2 eps of Season 2
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