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  1. moothoo


    Took way to long to get subbed.
  2. moothoo


    Kinda wished it ended earlier...
  3. Sengoku Basara 2 I loved it but wasnt as great as i hoped :L Still great show 6-7/10
  4. psychological and mystery, or comedy and action
  5. Is the dubbed coming out in bluray?
  6. Yeah but C.C would use his bankai and pwn everything in like 10000000 billion radius killing aizen wherever his hiding ;P ... just saying like if no one else was there and it was just him and aizen without that fire killing espada
  7. Ulquiora. He has a second release he pwns all accept of a hacked ichigo
  8. Urahara ;P Aizen was slack and pree much got him kicked him out of soul society thus messing up heaps of potential he had
  9. moothoo

    Favorite Anime

    High school Of the dead!!! It sucks they taking there time to release the second season
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