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  1. Call me a bit old fashioned.. but DotA (Warcraft) is my all time fav.. & now since Valve is coming out with DotA 2.. It's going to be even more epic!! P.S: Lan gaming FTW!! Cypers - Best place to learn new ABUSES!!
  2. Akshay

    Harry Potter

    I jus have 1 thing to say.. Neville N Snape really stood out when it was needed..xD
  3. Thanks a lot, poe.. :Awed: =P
  4. thanks a lot bro..

    Sry was busy yday wid frnds..lolz

  5. Thanks again, rune.. cheers !!

  6. Thanks a lot Obi-chan & Rune.. yeah i'm still enjoying.. gt plans of belated bday as well.. No kidding.. xD
  7. happy birthday to ya akshay!!

  8. Hey thanks a lot Shade... Thanks Koby.. This is the only forum that i've been wished as of now.. lolz Cheers !!
  9. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=102808#post102808 another 1! but this time im working with anras, please join!
  10. yeah gotta say i like that alias.. =P

  11. Akshay

    Hi Everyone!

    Whaaaaaat ... lol I know she's big on intros .. XD Welcome henna... i z at the chat box.. =P (& activity != post count ) catcy ya around.. cheers !!
  12. Jiraiya .. only a perv can know whats it like to be a perv..XD
  13. Nopes they cant afford to lose a babe..XD Wanna see that Beast bomb rasengan... cant wait.. i hope he infuses wind chakra also into it... Wind style + Sage mode + Beast mode FTW.. (I doono if that'll happn..XD)
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