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  1. no probs :D


    pay a visit to the chatbox, its a madhouse lol

  2. hey thanks for the add, im new so it was nice of ya.

  3. brite823

    Who is your faviorite kuinochi?

    i got to go with hinata also she is just so cute with her shy personality lol
  4. kekashi hands down... with his sharingun he is the best there is.
  5. brite823

    any good animes?

    i agree they are some of my favorites
  6. brite823

    Most Hated Anime Character(s)!!!

    sae from peach girl ...
  7. brite823

    Zero or Kaname, Naruto or Sasuke

    zero ... and naruto
  8. brite823

    Favorite Anime

    naruto and death note
  9. right now ive been watching naruto and bleach of course but im also watching bakuman and Nurarihyon No Mago and Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai
  10. brite823

    Goku vs Superman

    goku would so kick supermans butt... lol