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    Kametsu Member Photos

    Here's my pics............
  2. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Music Video
  3. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Gone In 60 Seconds
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    Count to 100,000

  5. Hey punner I have poated my story hope you like it.................

  6. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    What did you eat last night?

    I had veg pizza and a coke.....
  7. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
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    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    Song video...............Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris
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    Koby's Drawings.

    Nice work i too like them....
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    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Dbz gt ep 21
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    Story Contest # 1

    Here's my story:- Title is: A story from the land of wolves. Long time ago there was a prince in the land of wolves his name was James. He was very cruel to the entire wolf living in the world but nice to every human being. The land was called the land of wolves because there where more than 90% of wolf’s in the forest of that land and all the wolves lived in harmony and friendly with the humans of that land. One day James‘s father (The King) and mother (The Queen) went to camp in the forest with their son for having some fun and at that time James was only 3 years old. There was also news that the number of wolves is decreasing day by day so they also went to have a check on it. They thought of staying there for 5 days. On the 4th night James heard a beautiful and sweet voice in his dream which was warning him from something. After sometime in the same night there was a sound of scream. Everyone woke up and saw James sleeping and but didn’t saw the queen with him. They started to look for the queen. They found her dead in the middle of the forest with one wolf dead aside. Everyone thought that Queen had killed the wolf while protecting herself. Queen’s face was fully snatched by the wolf’s claws. James was bought up by saying that his mother was killed by the wolves. His father also died when he was 16 years old and he became the king, at that time he thought that he won’t show any mercy on any wolf so he started to hunt every wolf in his kingdom. One day a beautiful girl came to his kingdom. All the boys were crazy about her because of her beauty. This news went to the ears of the James. So he decided to invite her for a bowl party to see her. When she came every girl in the bowl became jealous because of her beauty and elegance. Then James entered in the bowl room he was looking for that girl. One of his friends showed him by aiming at her,” that is the girl”, but he couldn’t see her face because she was turned other side. The prince walked towards her and said to her “Excuse me my lady can I have the pleasure of a dance with you?”, then she turns around and he saw her face. She was really beautiful and James was in love with her in the first sight and wanted to marry her right away. He took her to a lonely place to know first that she likes him or not after that to propose her in front of everyone, then suddenly she said “stop killing all the wolves”. By hearing that he lost his mind and didn’t thought of anything and in a flash chopped her head off with his sword. Then a sudden flashback started. He saw that, he was in the forest while he was 3 years old with his parents. Suddenly he hears a wolf’s voice crying out for help. He saw his mother waking up and going towards it. Then the King appear before her in the middle of the forest and says to go back to the camp but she refuses, then she saw blood dropping from the hands of the king. At first she couldn’t understood it but after seeing a wolf half dead beside him she understood that he was killing all the wolves and asks him that “why were you killing all the wolves?”. He replies that “I enjoy killing these animals.” By hearing that she said that “I’m going to tell everybody that the King himself is killing the wolves and let the peoples of the land of wolves decide your faith”, at that time he pulled her back and snatched her face wearing a duplicate paws of a wolf so as to look that it was done by a wolf. Then James return to the world where he was standing with his sword covered with blood of the girl. At that time he didn’t felt anything as if he was half dead, he was sorry for what he had done all these years and to the girls which he felt in love in the first site. He wanted to kill himself but, the spirit of the girl appeared (in actual she was the witch who’s voice he had heard when he was 3 years old) and cursed him that he will stay as wolf for his entire life until he finds his true love. Till now also there is his howl in air seeking for his true love to get him out of his curse...... - Prasanth Hope you guys like it......
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    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

  13. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Ratatouille awesome movie.....
  14. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Dbz gt ep 20
  15. Hi punner sorry for too late reply......I have wrote a story of my own but that is of 981 words it tried to remove as much i can but i end with only 802 words so what should i do?????????

  16. White Collar, it is one of my favorite TV episode after Castle but castle has completed its season and i am hoping for new season to start......I used to see it on star world now i don't get time to see it......:(

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    Kametsu Member Photos

    here is my pics............... Don't worry i will remove my helmet in my next visit......
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    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Same here Happy Birthday to all.................
  19. cool just was playing prince of persia forgotten sands and stuck at one place that's it so what's going on over there????????

  20. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    RandomGuy's random Quote of the Day

    All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible. - William Faulkner
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    Naruto & Hinata Sasuke & Sakura shikamaru and temari
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    The Song Stuck in Your Head

    Enrique Iglesias - I Like It
  23. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Max Payne-The Movie