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  1. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    The Expendables (2010) nice movie..............
  2. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The Expandables-2010 nice movie..............
  3. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Dbz gt ep 28
  4. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Dbz gt ep 27
  5. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    salt.....nice movie.....
  6. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Count to 100,000

    2,296 ........
  7. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    Tic Tock- Kesha music video
  8. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    twilight eclipse......nice movie......
  9. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Ichigo from Bleach

    It is awesome nice work dude.......
  10. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    What is the last game you have finished?

    prince of persia forgotten sands......nice game....like it..
  11. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    The Song Stuck in Your Head

    Tic Tock- Kesha
  12. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    What I think

    Guys i think you are right i didn't thought about that.................
  13. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    What I think

    I wanted to give my suggestions........... I think there should be only one thread for a particular anime or anything and if someone want to post their uploaded links for that anime they can do it in that thread itself and the uploader can put his links too with his links, in that way download secton will be less messy, cause I have seen two or three bleach subbed threads in the anime download index which is quite annoying and if someone wants to post in different codes(like avi,mkv,etc) or in 480p or 720p can also post it in that thread and the uploader can update his title like this Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1-177(70mb|480p|720p) or Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1-177(Multi-format with different file size from 70MB to 256MB) or just write like this with episode title:- Naruto Shippuden 137|480p|720p and on the top of the thread he can write the names and the episodes and format that someone has given.....Like:- Supported by or credits to:- XYZ for 30-45 episodes in 70MB in rm ABC for 1-145 episodes in 480p(140-160MB) in mkv I too first thought of starting my own thread for uploading naruto shippuden episode in 480p, but then i thought instead of that to help other uploader by posting my links with their permission in their thread, like that my links will also be uploaded and there will be a one thread less+mess will also be less in the download section, now i am uploading my links in:- Naruto Shippuden Episodes 1-175 & Movies 1-2 (70 MB Sub) thread made by spidey5443 There should be instructions in the download section as, "before posting any new anime or any episode of any particular anime first see that, that particular anime is in the list or not then only post that anime or post you links in the existing anime thread"..... Hope you guys like my suggestion............ and one more thing if someone could post happy birthday with some nice cake pics in the visitor's message in the person who is having birthday it would be awesome too cause just posting in "Happy Birthday Thread", I don't think that persons will even notice it........if you guys want then I can do it or anyone who come online regularly can do it...........Do reply your views in this one....
  14. yeah i have edited it and added it, do see it and do reply if you like my suggestion.....:D

  15. Thanks Mae to post it in right place..............and sorry for your trouble........:baffle:

  16. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Anime Episode You Watched and your thoughts on it?

    Dbz gt ep 26
  17. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday to all........... mergsmergs (28), InuYasha8908 (23), trolled88 (22), Wandalynn (19), Meizzner, stufyal (15)
  18. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Count to 100,000

    2,246 ..........
  19. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    The Song Stuck in Your Head

    Cassie - Is it you(step up 2 OST)
  20. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The uninvited...nice movie......
  21. ok tell me what all you need i will send you.....

  22. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Guess the next poster

    nope....... next Iki
  23. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Count to 100,000

    2,230............. duck season
  24. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Counting down from 1,000,000

  25. ミ★ρяαѕαηтн★™

    Obvious thing about the member above

    Likes to talk with other......