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  1. Hi Lordashram,


    Any chance you can please re-up cenurions dvdrip...all links are dead

  2. EPIC work and I appreciate the time and passion you have!!!

    especially big thank yous for the perfect 10 bit archive quality transformers!!!! (even the 8bit is leaps and bounds on any other p2p's scrappy x264 or xvid encodes) and also the amazing Centurions 10 bit encodes blew me away!!!

    Much respect!!! x

  3. thank you for visionaries. Good work. Do you have dinosaucers 1987

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    2. lordashram


      I have M.A.S.K. on dvd and plan to do it asap.

    3. lordashram


      So they put the first 21 eps of Dinosaucers back up for streaming, they have had it before and took it down some time ago.


    4. Fabio


      thank you lordashram

  4. How goes the f'k up fixing for Season 2 of Transformers? :)

    1. lordashram


      That was done back at the end of February, check 'em out.


    2. Khendon
  5. It's been awhile since I had last visited the old c-w forums, if time permits once I finish my current personal projects I might start reposting some of my old encodes and maybe some new onces too. Don't expect anything soon, for now I am just lurking when I can.
  6. you'd be surprised, though the hypocrisy of politicians is so high that it really shouldn't surprise anyone anymore.
  7. This is just another reminder as to why we all need to be involved in politics instead of being complacent and/or just whining about it. Anyways, hi.
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