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  1. This sounds like a good idea, I'll throw in my suggestion. Anime: Steins Gate (completed) Review: The crazy adventures of a mad scientist (eccentric also works) and his friends as they experiment with time travel and microwaving stuff. It starts out as a comedy, but as it progresses the sci fi elements become deeper and the plot becomes thicker. At first its light hearted experimentation, doing things just to see if they can, by the end its life and death struggles to save the future of man kind. It never loses its sense of humor even as things become more serious, but it is very well written with the story mapped out in advance as supposed to making it up as they go, which means watching it a second time you will notice things you didn't the first time. Its both deep and light hearted, has both suspense and comedy as well as romance. It is a more grounded and realistic sci fi set in the modern era and I highly recommend it. Verdict: 10/10, I cant think of anything it could have done better, everything from the story to the animation is solid. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, has a good variety of things for people to enjoy, its a little more mature but not risque. It doesn't have any action though, so if thats an absolute must, than it might not be for you, although it does have suspense, thrills, and violence. There is some blood, but it isn't bloody, and while I wouldn't recommend it to children 13 and under, I also don't see a problem with them watching it. It is also gender neutral in its target audience.
  2. Mordeth_Kai

    Morbid Action anime and manga

    other than a few episodes of gilgamesh, I don't think I've seen the ones in your list, so I may be off on what I think you are looking for, but I've been looking for some of the same if I'm right. Basilisk - tragady, action, blood, morbidity, has it all along with a tragic love story. The Koga and Iga ninja clans have peace forced on them by the Hanzo, but for political reasons the truce is abolished and the clans are ordered by the shogun to kill each other to determine a successor to the emperor. This happens as the two clans are finally getting used to peace and the heirs of both the clans are engaged to each other and very much in love. Gantz - bloody and hopeless, but its more twisted and macabre. It has a lot of adult themes from swearing to sexual activity, make sure to get past the first 2 episodes before passing judgement on it. The only thing I can guarantee it hits on the head is the hopeless struggle and tragic aspects. Morbidity is mostly in the humor on this one. Mirai Nikki (future diary) - this one won't hit the nail on the head but I think you might like it. Imagine a love story where one of the protagonists is also sociopathic serial killer in a survival game where a lot of people are trying to kill them both. Has very minor tragedy elements, but mostly on side characters, and other tragedy which I won't spoil. Elfen Lied - a classic if you haven't already seen it, it has the serial killer protagonist in common with Mirai Nikki. You might not get the tragedy aspect until near the end though, and again, its not very morbid, at least not by atmosphere and feel, although it does get darker as it goes on. Has the tragedy and action parts down. And that is about all I can come up with, sorry if they don't quite match what you were wanting, as basilisk is the only one I'm certain of. On the flip side, thanks for the series you mentioned, I remember that I liked gilgamesh and I will definitely have to check out the others.
  3. Mordeth_Kai

    What anime would my ex like?

    I would second Ghost Hunt, though since it deals with the supernatural it might bother her. I would also second Beck, its about music but its more on the realistic side of things. If she's into twilight and sparkly vampires, Vampire Knight might interest her. I didn't get to far into it as its not my cup of tea, but its a high school setting with glamorous vampires and a romance story in there as well. (also, make sure she watches an episode of hellsing for the hell of it (especially if she likes horror) ) I would also recommend some splice of life shows like; Kokoro Connect - about a group of students that go through some crazy things and get to know each other in the process (hard to describe without spoilers) Clover - about a group of college art students and their lives I would also throw in fruits basket, its an excellent light hearted series about a girl who gets involved with a family with its own set of secrets, the foremost of which is that they turn into one of the 12 animals of the zodiac if they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex. School Rumble - a romantic comedy with a bit of everything. It follows an entire class along with their crushes and interests and the comedy and chaos that ensues. Its more comedy than anything. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka (is this a zombie?) - about a guy who gets brought back from the dead by a necromancer, and then turned into a chainsaw wielding magical girl (minus the sex change), also has vampire ninja and other fun stuff, kind of like a horror comedy. xxxHolic - like ghost hunt, it is a series of ghost stories. It deals heavily with the supernatural and spiritualism which may turn her off, but if thats not an issue its an excellent series with some light humor. It has ties with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Card Captor Sakura but is its own thing Princess Resurrection - a horror comedy. its technically harem but without the fan-service or dirty humor. Its all about vampires and werewolves and things that go bump in the night, has an interesting cast of characters and a good story Sankarea - You might want to preview this one first as it has some pretty sick sordid things it deals with and I don't mean the necrophilia. Its about a guy who is obsessed with zombie movies who, in a roundabout way, turns a girl who commits suicide into a zombie, his ideal girlfriend. I wouldn't call it horror, and it takes an interesting angle on zombies. Murder Princess - A very short series but packed with its own brand of awesome (a bit reminiscent of soul eater, which I only watched a little of but you might want to consider it as well), about a princess who swaps bodies with a ruthless mercenary who saves her kingdom as the Murder Princess. Its an action series with halloweenish themes. Nura, Rise of the Yokai - about a half yokai (japanese monsters, not a specific species, kind of like the celtic fae if your familiar with that) kid who is the leader of the strongest yokai family in japan and his double life. Has comedy, action, and romance themes. Durarara - (I would have thrown in baccano, but there's a section where a group of alchemists summon the devil to gain immortality and the way its gone about might upset her) This series mostly follows a group of 3 friends in the big city and the crazy things that go on there, including a headless rider (on a motorcycle that sounds like a horse), and other things of varying degrees of normal to supernatural. Has an emphasis on unique characters and storytelling. Nodame Cantabile - just started this series so I can't say too much, but its a romantic comedy about some music students. Heavily involves music, but the classical kind, but worth mentioning.
  4. Mordeth_Kai

    Anime for my Dad

    Sci Fi: Steins;Gate - its about time travel and microwaving stuff. Not much in the way of action but it is a good story. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Its a space travel anime, its a bit dated and more comedy than anything else. Tsuritama - Its a comedy sci fi about fishing and aliens, it definitely has its own style. it was harder than I thought coming up with good sci fi that doesn't involve giant robots, I need to expand my own collection in that area. I want to throw Vandread and Nadesico in there, but they have giant robots in them, however they don't follow the usual trend of that genre and are more about space travel so it might be worth considering. Vandread has a battle of the sexes thing going on and is a little more comedy, nadesico has a descent story to it if you get into it, both have varying degrees of comedy. As far as good story goes, I would recommend these: Eden of the East - kinda hard to describe this one, its a little more on the serious and realism side of things. Baccano - Takes place in the us during the 1800's, has a lot of violence and gore. Its all about the story telling and unique characters. It jumps around a lot between 3 time periods and between a lot of different characters which makes it hard to keep track of the first time watching as its basic premise is that for any event there are as many stories as there are people to tell them. Durarara - Made by the same people who made Baccano, takes place in modern times and is much easier to follow. Doesn't have much blood and gore in contrast to baccano, but like baccano it has an emphasis on story telling and interesting characters. A common theme in durarara is centered around the Headless Rider, an urban legend about a person riding a creepy motorcycle around town with no head. I'm not too familiar with studio Ghibli, but if he's into that stuff I would throw Kamichu in there, but at your own discretion. I could be wrong, but to me it seems reminiscent of the studio ghibli stuff I'm familiar with which is mainly spirited away and ni no kuni. I also filtered out things that were sordid or had a lot of gore in them (with the exception of baccano), but if these aren't an issue, Elfen Lied was mentioned and its a classic, gantz is very sordid but it is sci fi action with a warped sense of humor, lots of blood, nudity, language, and adult themes. Beck and Death Note were also mentioned and I would second them, they both have good stories, beck being about music and Death Note being a supernatural crime scene investigation psychological thriller.
  5. Mordeth_Kai

    how do you choose a good anime?

    My mistake, I thought you were saying that Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop had all of the things on that guy's list. crap, my bad. I usually check this forum between 1am and 5am, so sometimes my head is fuzzy. I missed the part where he was saying the list was don'ts and not do's
  6. Mordeth_Kai

    how do you choose a good anime?

    I must've missed those episodes of Bebop and Champloo. I'm not familiar with nakama themes, but for everything else I would call them a case in point. They don't waste time explaining techniques, they keep their dialogue short and to the point, and while neither is completely devoid of fan service, they aren't saturated with it like ikkitousen or HOTD (though I actually liked HOTD's use of fan service, bullet dodging boobies had me laughing for hours) and I don't recall either having a lot of shouting. The director of Samurai Champloo went out of his way to eliminate many of the things you mentioned, in particular he wanted to eliminate lengthy dialogue and wanted action that got to the point. Nothings perfect, but as near as I can tell he did a good job.
  7. Mordeth_Kai

    The Truth About Baccano

    Watch it a second time. Its one of the beauties about Baccano, that the second time is usually the best. I wasn't able to keep track of everything the first time either, and I don't know anybody who did. It jumps between 3 time lines a lot and 2 of them are in the same place, and because of how it jumps around its hard to keep track of. One of the ways Durarara (by the same people) is easier to get into. But baccano is the sort of series that needs to be watched 2 or 3 times, and in that sense there isn't a whole lot out there like it.
  8. Mordeth_Kai

    Need help finding something my wife would like

    Sounds like she prefers comedy, or at least things that aren't too dry as well as romance. It also sounds to me like the main problem is a difference in taste between you and her, if my guess is correct. Of course I don't know what either of your tastes are, but this is my best guess, sorry if its a bit broad. I would like to put an extra emphasis on giving school rumble and fruits basket a go. School Rumble - my personal favorite and all rounder, a romantic comedy that doesn't get too serious and has a bit of everything, and keeps the drama fairly low. Fruits Basket - Don't let the name throw you off, its a comedy with vague hints in the direction of romance, some mild supernatural elements, and touching stories. Steins;Gate - A romantic comedy, though the romance doesn't play much of a role until near the end of the series. About a mad scientist and his friends and their experiments with time travel and microwaving stuff. Its hilarious but it also gets deep and has some suspense to it. Cowboy Bebop - its a classic and very well done, plenty of action and humor with plenty of deep and cerebral elements, and good pacing. Baccano/Durarara - the two series are unrelated except that they were made by the same people. Baccano is very violent and bloody, while Durarara goes at a bit slower pace and has less action, but both series have a major emphasis on story and interesting characters. XXXHolic - The art style most people either love or hate, but that aside it has a lot to do with the occult. Its a combination of thriller, horror, and comedy. Great selection of characters and good stories, and if she likes it, give Ghost Hunt a try as they have similar themes. Ranma 1/2 - Its a classic and its hilarious, first couple of seasons have a lot of nudity but its not the ecchi kind, it is very much a martial arts show. Its pretty dated now, but I get the feeling she will like it. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) - A bit of everything, if you don't mind psychopaths, blood, and things getting kinda sordid occasionally, its a great series with an emphasis on warped romance. It reminds me a bit of eden of the east because its about a survival game of sorts. Things already mentioned that I would second: Ouran High School Host Club Eden of the East Angel Beats Death Note Edit: also, since you mentioned twilight, you absolutely have to show her an episode of Hellsing, because vampires aren't supposed to sparkle
  9. Mordeth_Kai

    how do you choose a good anime?

    Like a lot of people said, you really need to watch at least one episode. I've seen plenty of anime with great concepts that sounded totally awesome only to have the implementation suck, and other series that sounded retarded that were awesome (Tsuritama and Hikaru No Go come to mind). As the old saying goes, "Its not what you do, its just how you do it". That aside, I usually look through recommendations on forums, and any series I see popping up repeatedly I make a note to check out. I also browse by genre if I'm in the mood for something specific. The last thing I would go by personally is a description or review, but only because I've been burned a few times back in the days before online streaming when anime was hard to find and ridiculously expensive. Well all of us here are anime fans so I guess no one will contradict me if I point out some anime plots that is overly recyled 1) Nakama themes. Try watching Fairy Tail and you will get the idea. 2)Fan Service. High School of the Dead and Freezing are quite notorious on this aspect 3)Excessive technique explaination. I guess no anime will best explain this other than Naruto. 4)Excessive talk while fighting. "My God, just shut that mouth and kill each other time is running out don't tell me this fight will continue in the next episode" I often say this during the the glory days of Dragon Ball Z. Did you know that Goku vs Freeza battle is the longest in anime history?. 5)Excessive flash backs. Did you know that the Sasori vs. Sakura and Chiyo battle is considered as the longest fight in Naruto Shippuden and more than half of the screen time featured was used to show how Sasori came to be the puppet master or more accurately the puppet that he is now. I came to care about the villain though. 6)Excessive yelling. Goku, Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo are all guilty of this offense but my mom specially hates Luffy that she yelled at me to minimize the volume. So any anime that could break from this trend/cycle is something that I will consider good and refreshing to my sensesBut there are animes who used all of the above in moderation. Examples.Sword Art OnlineAttack On TitanAnother Please like if you agree. Let me add Samurai Champloo to that list as well as Cowboy Bebop.
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    I only vaguely remember it, but Kyou Kara Maou! was definitely yaoi, which is why I was only able to watch it for so long. It was funny, but to be honest that sort of thing aint my cup of tea. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I would recommend that much. Kyou Kara Maou is about a kid who gets sent to an alternate world through a toilet while being given a swirly. It is an adventure comedy series, and the yaoi elements are pretty light but also pretty constant, but in spite of my own discomfort with the topic I watched quite a bit.
  11. Mordeth_Kai

    hey you guys i need some help!!!!

    I apologize for that misconception (Sailor Moon rumor) and have further edited my post to remove it and avoid further harm. I wish I understood where you were coming from on this as a lot of things here have apparently offended you. As a guy and looking back over the thread I can safely say that it was all unintentional and that no one was trying to be sexist or misogynistic, and that all recommendations were made in honest sincerity. With that said, please also be understanding of us guys. To us, women are total mysteries and no two are the same, to make any suggestion here can be a bit scary with all the unknowns and being further called out can be kinda hurtful (especially since being a girl you understand everything we don't, and a mans pride can be a delicate thing). There are many suggestions here I personally disagree with, some I think would be disastrous even, but then others may feel the same about my own suggestions. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone posting here is putting their own thoughts and opinions out there, lets try to keep this section as a safe environment where people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts without fear of ridicule. We don't mean to be insensitive and by all means point out when we are, but please be gentle when doing so. And again, I apologize for offending you.
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    hey you guys i need some help!!!!

    Wait...wut? I think you're mixing up 'hentai' with 'ecchi'. Hentai is porn. Ecchi is perverseness. Having read the original manga, and watched the series (uncut) in Japanese... Neither would be the case. Is there some skin? Sure. But I don't recall any nipples, vaginas, or (explicated) sex scenes. Just looked it up, your right. When I was about 15 and DBZ and Sailor Moon were the most popular mainstream anime it was rumored that Sailor Moon was originally hentai, and the rumor at the time was widespread and treated as gospel truth. In hindsight, common use of the internet was a new thing back then and there was no such thing as streaming or downloading anime, and information was a lot less reliable. I've believed that rumor for so many years without ever bothering to research it, my bad. Edit: On a side note, in those days I also had the 3rd highest ranked and most active pokemon club on yahoo. I played a pivotal role in mapping out the gameshark codes and in the mass distribution of the fake pokemone gold rom released by a troll (long before that term was coined). Looking back I was pretty naive and stupid.
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    hey you guys i need some help!!!!

    It looks like you're bothered by my "suggestions". Not surprising. First off, ninjakhaos asked a question here and I responded (which I'm entitled to). Let him decide if dubbed or subbed animes are better because he did NOT ask if dubs are better than subs and vice versa. He asked for ideas, and he didn't specify what anime he would like to recommend to his girlfriend. Also, how do you know that his girlfriend isn't going to consider my suggestions when ninjakhaos has yet to respond to this thread? If both don't like my ideas, than that's no big deal. They will decide and no one else. And lastly, why do you care about me needing help from an actual female? It's my problem and no one else's. @ninjakhaos: I would also like to recommend the Dragon Ball "trilogy". It was completely bad-ass in my opinion and the concept of collecting dragon balls and making wishes at the end was neat. My personal favorite was in DBZ where chubby Boo became nice at the end. I know being called out was a dick move, but that aside, pinkie does have a good point. I know my sister wouldn't care for either recommendation, but I've also known enough girls who would. As I said earlier, since we don't know anything about the OP's gf, it is wisest to assume the most difficult scenario, that she will be a hard sell and easily put off (some girls are highly strung and easily made uncomfortable, other girls aren't), in which case a womans touch would be very helpful. In my own suggestions I did my best to dance around this, and even put in a magical girl recommendation of my own to keep my bases covered, and the only reason I attempted it is because I've had personal experience with this exact issue and recommended the shows I've had success with in the past, but it may be that none of them are ideal because of how much we don't know. TL;DR don't take it personally, this is a difficult recommendation thread, and your suggestions are as valid as anyone elses. Edit: Sailor Moon was not originally a hentai series, that was a rumor going around about 15 years ago or so. Edit: Since keeping my original mistake here could cause further offense and is incorrect, I have deleted it.
  14. Mordeth_Kai

    Big Adventure Recommendation?

    12 Kingdoms, about a girl in modern japan who ends up in an alternate world based on feudal china with magic and monsters. Has a good story and I think it fits the big adventure idea fairly well. Slayers, take any season and it will fall into the big adventure category, but it is a bit dated. Comedy, fantasy, and action, and a fairly good overall plot in spite of the goofy antics. Spice and Wolf, this is not an action series but it is a big adventure, where a merchant teams up with a local wolf deity to help her get back to her home land. Good story and excellent presentation, and it has its bits of thrills and dangers in spite of the lack of action and fighting. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, This is a tragic romance series related to xxxHolic and Card Captor Sakura, but is nothing like either series beyond that the original comic books were all tied together. Without giving away the story, it involves a group of companions traveling from alternate world to alternate world on a long journey to save princess sakura. Has plenty of action and comedy, and a bit of drama (its not overemphasized but its always there). Edit: Oh yeah, I should warn you, it starts breaking down a bit in the second season, and the series ends without any real resolution. Basilisk, its dark and bloody and about 2 ninja clans fighting a secret war. If romeo and juliet were to meet hamlet in an anime, this would be it, and I would say it meets the big adventure requirements if memory serves. Unfortunately that's all I can think of off the top of my head that involve big adventures rather than having everyone stay in a specific area with a familiar setting. There are always the large mainstream series like Inuyasha of course, and technically if you think about it, pokemon, but with some of them it varies from season to season as to weather there is a big adventure.
  15. Mordeth_Kai

    hey you guys i need some help!!!!

    Without knowing her tastes, let me see. I will try to make sure nothing I recommend has any ecchi, fan service, or blatant perversion targeting men. 12 Kingdoms, this is my first choice all around to start someone on who has never seen anime. It is a great story, has a female protagonist who isn't sexualized ( no ecchi or fanservice), but neither is she portrayed as a total badass from the get go. It is a bout a girl who starts out in modern japan but ends up in an alternate world based on feudal china with magic and monsters (while the concept may be similar to Inuyasha, its nothing like that series, its more like Fushigi Yuugi, though those 2 aren't bad recommendations in themselves) Fruits Basket, a personal favorite of mine and is an anime that targets a female audience but has an excellent story and good humor. Its kind of hard to describe in a few words unfortunately, but watch the first episode at least. Ouran High School Host Club, this series targets a female audience and is primarily comedy and pokes fun at reverse harem antics while being a reverse harem. "The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time in their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time in their hands, just think of it as the Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful." School Rumble, this is a romantic comedy thats light on the romance and heavy on the comedy, its all about ridiculous misunderstandings and idiots going off the deep end and the craziness of high school crushes, it focuses on one couple but follows an entire classroom. Its a neutral series if a series targeting a female audience is a bit much for you. Steins;Gate, this is a comedy that starts light but gets heavy half way through, its about a mad scientist and his friends and their experiments with time travel and microwaving bananas, has a love story in it and is a neutral series. Baccano, has lots of blood and gore, a neutral series, use at your own discretion. This series is either a really good show for your gf or a really bad one on two parts, first is all the blood and gore and the second is how the story is portrayed. If she likes stuff like Pulp Fiction, or Donnie Darko, this is probably a good series. The story skips between 3 time lines frequently, one is easy to keep track of and happens on a train, but the other two happen at the trains destination before and after the trip and figuring out which parts go where in the timeline usually takes 2 or 3 watchings. If you guys watch and like it, Durarara was made by the same person and has a similar feel minus the blood and it doesn't skip around. Death Note was recommended by lemminglamma and if your gf likes psychological thrillers and crime scene investigation type stuff, its a great show to recommend. Bleach, I hate that I'm putting this as a recommendation... you gotta know your girlfriend and her reaction to this series may surprise you. The show is essential dudes over hyped on their own testosterone trying to talk and act as badass as possible, some chicks are into this and if you think she will like action series its a good place to start or at least find out. Samurai Champloo, recommended for the same reasons as Bleach, this is a great series to start on if you think she'll like action as the show tries to avoid lengthy dialog and does a good job of portraying the action well. Clannad, I wish I could recommend Kannon but kannon is not as gender neutral and is a bit dated. This series has no action, and is not as crazy with its comedy as Ouran or School Rumble, it goes at a slightly slower pace and has a bit of drama. Beck, this is a great series all around and is gender neutral, its about a group of guys starting a rock band and trying to get signed. Has a decent amount of comedy, occasional swearing (unless your unfortunate enough to get the censored version), and is a little more mature. By mature, I mean people act like adults and it doesn't have the usual cartoony antics or chibi's etc. K-On its like beck only the opposite, it follows a girl band and is more cartoony and has all the antics and comedic style that beck doesn't, basically pick which one you think she'll like (some people find cartoony antics annoying, or childish, but a lot of anime fans appreciate them for what they are) xxxHolic This show is about the supernatural and the unseen. It has elements of horror, thriller, and comedy, and is great on the story telling. The art style may take some getting used to though. Lastly, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, a magical girl anime to round out the list. It has a really good story. Its not an action series as is traditional of the genre, but follows a 12 year old girl who is fated to die and her wish is to be a singer before that happens, and the two shinigami who help her achieve that wish. It is a bit on the dramatic side but has comedy, is light hearted and child appropriate. I usually avoid subtitles if I can, but I strongly recommend it over the dub on this series. Without knowing anything about her tastes or preferences (since she hasn't been introduced to anime this probably wouldn't help much anyhow), I think this is a fairly rounded list that should have the ideal option, but its all up to your judgement, so good luck.