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  1. interesting also i bet the people that were in the prosecution had at some point in their life downloaded something illegly too and i know my spelling sucks
  2. i know that the other topic i made was not Spisific at all so this one is for ones that need a new one
  3. Clannad TMP is the only on to ever make me cry not even when my dad left me and my mom or when my mom got sent to jail i did not cry so a anime making me cry that proves it is a sad anime
  4. after watching FLCL i think it could use more episodes
  5. it is really good but the fanservice ruins it there is to much other than that it is the best
  6. i have noticed that a lot more people than i thought would want more high school of the dead
  7. yes Kaichou wa Maid-sama is a good anime but they could put more to the story
  8. i am glad i put this thread up so many animes i have never seen thay all sound so good and some i have seen and agree that they need a new season
  9. i did not think this thread that i made to see what more people wanted seasons of would have this many people talking on it but i still want highschool of the dead season 2 to come out
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