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  1. yeah i know of em. all good bands except attack attack
  2. just wondering if people know of any good hardcore or metalcore bands because im looking for new music
  3. yeah dude ive tried it on and off and it still seems to be the same. first off then i put it on. any other possibilities?
  4. Hey guys I'm currently having a issue where i try to play to games on my PC (Such as Dungeon Siege 3, Dragon Age 2 and The Witcher 2) and i come across some strange abnormal black white polygonal tearing or flickering. Im currently using a nvidia 9600gt (all games run perfectly minus the issue). if anyone could help it would be much appreciated *EDIT: Im unable to get a screenshot because everytime i try, the weird stuff on the screen goes away.
  5. for a my sig i want it based on ichigo and the text to be 'fire is passion'. some that conveys darkness yet its powerful
  6. yo koby just want to ask if you help point me in the right direction of a 1040 or 720 blu ray rip off FF7 advent children complere? cheers man

  7. thats fine then. umm you got any good 720 ones worth looking at that you could direct link me? im really not too fussy about it being 1040 but more the video formant being mp4

  8. sorry bud my computer cant run 1080 it lags so i personally cant recommend one for you sorry i just figured id point you at a few torrents to see if it helps

  9. yeah i checked torrents before but i haven't found one that I'm perfectly happy with. can you direct me one personally recommend? cheers =)

  10. i was looking for 1080 but 720 will do.

  11. remember to pm me the link k? cheers man :)

  12. not to bad. just busy with schooling and yeah.... hbu?

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