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  1. Hey man. Would you please consider re-uploading (if you have time, of course!) the MP4 format of Tokyo Majin? Thank you so much. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! And many more.

  3. Happy birthday dude! have a great one and thank you for your contributions to kametsu!

  4. I'll agree with (zolockit) for some projects but I'm sure everyone does if differently (based on what they've become accustom to working with) . For myself, I like the "click, drag and your down" approach. So Here are are two ways I attack BluRays. When starting with an actual RAW blue (ripped thru AnyDVD-HD the files are HUGE and have a dozen audio and video tracks). So here is my process 1) Use BDinfo to show all of the tracks in you BluRay rip (it's only an info tool) 2) Go over to txMuxeR and select you Audio, Video, PSG (subtitle) tracks <do you want to keep a Romanian audio track>. You can also (quickly) down-convert the HD-audio track to an AC3 / DTS track. Then you mux and get your (.ts) file ----- Ok, now you have a 1080p video with a sampling rate from 16to 30 Kbps with an audio sampling rate @ 640Kbps. The file is 15 to 25 GB large. Now you convert it to either a MP4 or MKV 3) You can now switch over to Handbrake or use a couple of other tools like RipBot264 or XMediaRecode. Handbrake and RipBot264 (a VERY EASY to use gui front end for AviSynth) both get you to the same place (convert a RAW Bluray down to 720p (if you choose) and bump down the sampling rate on you audio and video tracks). The converter XMediaRecode is what I use to make portable video (it has built in profiles for creating video for all kinds of devices (most cell-phones, Zune, Creative, IPod, PSP, PS3, etc..). It won't do watermarks (like hard-subs) nor handle SRT/SSA subtiles. It only likes vobSUB subtitle formats. For raw BluRays I don't start with the MKVtoolnix tools because they don't always like TS/M2TS streams. Handbrake won't handle .M2TS BluRay PSG sub-titles (I'm dealing with this issue now on a Thai movis). tSMuxeR was meant to handle BluRay streams. If I'm starting with a simple TS or high bitrate MKV then the MKVtoolnix tools are great. Th best conversion resource on the planet is vcdhelp.com (links to all the tools and tutorials)
  5. As an Electrical Engineering I consider my self technically literate but I don't follow the gadget world. Well I'm moving from the US-Midwest to Asia (Singapore) for a year or two and need to select a world phone (I'm with Sprint, which uses CDMA(EV-DO) and not GSM (EDGE/HSPA). My current Palm phone is crap (it's over 4 years old) but I keep it because I'm month-to-month and I can tether for free (before tethering became main-stream) and the company 20% corporate discount. I need a world phone to use in Asia but one that will also work when I visit or move back to the states (I'll just us a US pre-paid SIM card). Obvious choice (I'd think) would be a Quad Band, unlocked GSM Android (I DON'T do Apple products, period). I figured I'd get a no-name Chinese/Hong-Kong Android off Ebay (GPS, Skype, etc..) but most of the postings have this warning "won't work with 3G". I don't understand since "3G" is not a specific communication transmission standard So why the warning about no 3G support on these no-name phone? In Singapore all phones are unlocked (by law) and they support decent internet speeds. I'm don't really care about the data speed rates while I'm in the states. I guess I'm more concerned about how the phone will perform in Asia. I need a phone that will support full mobile broadband service (I don't think I have to have 4G). So can't I just buy a SIM card (with a monthly data plan) and go? I really need a replacement phone now but you have to sign a contract for a decent phone (which make no sense as I'm leaving in 3 months). What do I have to look out for so I don't get stuck with a phone that taps out at "2G" speeds.
  6. There are Anime's with good endings? I've got over 2 TBs of the stuff and have a hard time finding one that I can say "wow, what a great ending". Anyway, Escaflowne !!!! It's was like W.T. -- !@#$% The better the Anime series the more climatic chance for a bad ending. After +30 years of Anime watching I expect a messed ending but it's the price we pay for the dynamic, colorful, exciting, spell-binding and euphoric world that is Anime.
  7. So, you are in the doctors' office for an hour (even though you showed up early), or waiting for your date to get ready or you have to take a two hour trip to see your sick Aunt and you are not driving. So you canceled your Netflix service on principle, like I did, or you don't have a device/plan/WiFi to stream live video. What anime would you want on your mobile device?
  8. Fellow Kametsu community, I need help. I need a more efficient way of taking DVD audio streams and adding + syncing the audio to HD raws or BluRay video for the purpose of making HD english episodes that are not released to BluRay. The problem: Often the BluRay or HD Raw has extras (like two second splash screen) in the video stream part way threw the episodes that don't exists in the DVD/English audio track. So, when I merge the DVD audio with the HD video stream and sync up the start of the episode the audio gets out of sync later in the episodes because of the extras in the HD stream. It's not a frame-rate issue. Currently I break the video up at these "extra" entries, re-sync each section and then merge the pieces back together. After +200 episodes I'm tired of this method. What I need:: I need an app that shows both the video stream and the audio streams after I've merged then together (but not synced anything). Then, at points of my choosing, insert "dead space" in the audio track so I can re-sync the audio track at points the audio gets out of sync because of extra snippets, like splash screens half way into the HD video stream. Any apps that people have experience with (even commercial/purchased) would be of interest. I'm looking for feedback from people how have actually done this, as oppose to options indicate a particular tool "might" do it. Performing these re-master has allowed me to post about a couple hundred "Kametsu First" video dubs. But it's just becoming to much work to keep it up. Again, the problem is not syncing the start of the video but dealing with a "slight" mis-match mid-way in the video because of slight differences between the DVD English and HD/BluRay version. Thanks in advance !!!
  9. On the question: why bother with dual audio: There are some dubs that are to "Painful" to listen to. I know Naruto Shippuden is sacred around here BUT I've only been able to bare "1" episode of this kids SHOUTING every word. Maybe because I'm old school (I've been watching Anime before most of you where born, starting with "The little prince" back in 1974"). No old guy jokes or I'll steal you soul Plus some of the Media Blaster dubs STINK (aka Queens Blade). Then there are some episodes that you first see via FanSubs and you fall in-love with the Japanese voice characters and can't image them being replaced by an english VOC (like Macross Frontier or the darling Strike Witches). So I always master dual audio (and I've done over a thousand). If someone doesn't like dual audio then they can just launch mkvmerge and yank the subtitle and JAP tracks out easy enough or use "XMedia Recode" to go straight to MP4 format.
  10. XBOX360 and PS3 owners might find this useful. I told myself I was going to write a tutorial on quick MKV->MP4 creation. I lied, well a life-changing business venture has decrease the time I use to be on the site, to almost nill. But how else will I retire before the age of 50. XBOX360 and PS3 consoles have native support for AC3 and AVC streams found in most .mkv files. They just don't support these streams residing in a mkv container. So, what do we really want: Just dump the streams into a MP4 container. Sounds simple: IT IS. If you don't need to "shrink" down the audio or video you can simply transpose the AVC/x264 and AC3/audio streams into a .mp4 container. If you are familiar with "mkvmerge GUI" and "Handbrake" then "Xmedia Recode 3.x" has some features from both apps. It's not a pure muxer like TSMuxer or mkvmerge. But it can recode to any format and setting (bitrate, resolution, etc). If you select the MP4 CODEC you can perform a direct video and audio stream copy and re-mux them into a MP4 container. So after a minute of "encoding" you will have your MKV episode in a nice MP4 container. No more Handbrake re-encodes. So, what the catch: Of course there is a short coming. If you have a dual audio file with subtitles the tool seems to only handle VobSub. So, fansubs (ASS or SRT) subtitles are not supported. If you have a VobSub track the tool will re-render it for the MP4 container. So, to do that outside the tool you would use MKVExtract and subtitle workshop to create a VobSub and drag that VobSub into your original MKV. Then "XMedia Recode" can re-render it. Sounds like I should take my current time off and do a guide. Anyway, if you just want a dub for your XBOX360/PS3 then you can create one from any MKV in a minute. Pow, go watch Soul Eater or Bleach on your game console without having to overheat your PC all night crunching away in Handbrake. I've handled dozens of Kametsu Forums MP4 request with this method. Subtitles, well you will have to decide if tried-and-true Handbrake meets your "impulse" needs or decide to do some prep work so "XMedia Recode" do digest your subtitles.
  11. @blueuthedog, I say this with respect and sincerity: Your standards are pretty low. VLC is "evil in carnage". BUT, it is the most "convenient". I use VLC, alot, but only to spot check my re-encodes or dub track additions. Since I do a lot of re-syncs, the ability to easily "slow down" the playback to verify my audio timing changes is pretty useful. But I've never been able to get my external encoders to work in VLC (like AC3-filter or COREAVC). I have a dedicated media PC hidden behind my 62" DLP. VLC is HORRIBLE at up-scaling Anime in full-screen mode (the linear extrapolation is crap). But, on my laptop, it does not have that problem (but the extrapolation does not have to go up to 1920x1080p). What's the BEST home theater player. For my situation (wide screen TV) it's Xbox Media Center (XBMC). It plays EVERY format on the planet! And the video scaling/extrapolation/up-conversion is flawless. I use an $8 IR dollar remote to control XBMC or I remotely take over XBMC from my laptop using realVNC or a web-browser since it has a web client host built into it. Yeah, it eats some CPU horse power but it's incredible. And the live action BluRay playback is "perfection". The only drawback, for me, is that I'm running on Windows XP (if it ain't broke) so it does not take advantage of CUDA or DirectX-11's DXVA-HD. So, it's not the "best" for laptops/PC use but for HDTV it's tops!
  12. I don't think Ga-Rei:zero episode 9 link works. It keeps saying that it is temporarily unavailable.

  13. Ok, It's time to replace my laptop (this Dell Pentium M is crap) (hell, there is duct-tape on the side of this thing). I use a remote VNC connection to my dedicated media machine (overclocked Core-Duo 3.4Ghz) for my encodes and I HAVE to have something better. I don't keep up with PC hardware anymore. So, when I go to Anandtech or Toms-Hardware you get benchmarks of "stuff". That does not tell me "and the winner is". Gaming is not a priority. The process type will most likely be an Intel 760QM quad core. Well it was but it seems the OEMs have quickly switched over to the Sandy-Bridge. But why get a Sandy-Bridge i7 if you are going to have a dedicate GPU (now, an unlocked i5 is a totally different story). And, if I use my favorite encoding apps (Handbrake, VirtualDub, etc..) will I even be able to take advantage of a high-horse power GPU for encoding and maybe I should spend the money on a better main process. Trying not to break the bank (i.e. no over-price Dell XPS or Alienware). Target budget is in the $1,200-ish ball park. Thanks..
  14. I'm going to show my age here (no pappy comments or "I'll steal your soul"). I've been using Unix and Linux for over 20 years. My company develops multi-million dollar system for the government (that's my job) all on commercial Linux. There are pros and cons. The professional engineering community has accepted and supports Linux, but the consumer market still continues to shun it. Linux is NOT a gaming environment, even under emulator mode or using WINE (Windows emulator) under Linux (which works decently most of the time). The gaming issue can be linked to DirectX (and whatever the current 3D extension/version of it is). Game developers, I don't believe, develop to use the OpenGL graphics interface, but DirectX. Plus, have you ever seen a mainline game title with a picture of a penguin on the side of the box? And one item that might be important to you. If you use NetFlix you are out-of-luck with Linux because Silverlight (a Microsoft product) is required for the DRM (people have struggled to run Silverlight in emulator mode). The Linux community has been "pissed" that you can get streaming Netflix on almost everything other platform other then a Linux box. If you go with Linux KEEP WINDOWS AROUND. Starting with a live-CD is a great idea/start (I actually use a persistent thumb drive to boot and run Linux and to perform PC repairs to locate failing computer hardware on a system). An alternative to dual boot is using Oracle's (formally Sun Micro Systems) Virtual Machine. It allows you to run a machine within a machine. Right now, on one of my servers (I have six PC's in my house) I run Windows XP and on the virtual machine from within XP I run Windows 7 (no, that was not a typo). So you can start-up in windows and then boot a virtual machine session that runs Linux as if it was the only O/S running). You can map network drives using Samba (SMB) and have both system going at the same time (a multiple core processor is a must). And if you have an old Pentium laying around Linux boxes makes great dedicated torrent and ed2k client as Linux is extremely efficient.
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