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  1. Naw, i dont have that thingy unfortunately. >.< And dont use much facebook as well lately, but if you go MIA again imma *shakes fist* start using it! lol

    Your kidding? I ish counting days for that! Cant wait! And it would be cool, though with one episode every week it wouldnt be a drag for me lol, but any help appreciated. ^_^

    Of cuz i had to say sth, us Naruto fans have to stick togetherz! *wink* And i did? *headscratch* Weirdo...<.< That is why your fitting well here ^.~

    I am happy to hear from you as well busy bee. I am doing good, exams and such, a little a while ago had a break and watched Diary of the Dead lol. Umm, mostly cuz i needed hdd space and that movie was the first on the list to go. It is not that bad, but have seen better.