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  1. The name change almost got me lol. Couldn't find your Bleach thread at first.

  2. Naw, i dont have that thingy unfortunately. >.< And dont use much facebook as well lately, but if you go MIA again imma *shakes fist* start using it! lol

    Your kidding? I ish counting days for that! Cant wait! And it would be cool, though with one episode every week it wouldnt be a drag for me lol, but any help appreciated. ^_^

    Of cuz i had to say sth, us Naruto fans have to stick togetherz! *wink* And i did? *headscratch* Weirdo...<.< That is why your fitting well here ^.~

    I am happy to hear from you as well busy bee. I am doing good, exams and such, a little a while ago had a break and watched Diary of the Dead lol. Umm, mostly cuz i needed hdd space and that movie was the first on the list to go. It is not that bad, but have seen better.

  3. Im still here, just been real busy with alot of other stuff. Sorry haven't been saying much to ya. If you have a xbox 360 I'll give you my gamertag im always on there. Im still on your facebook too. I still check on the site 4 - 5 times a week, just don't do nothing really no more on here.

    Your show, The Walking Dead comes back on in like 50 days. I bet your ready for that huh?? Might have to help ya upload that one lol. You know your the only person that has even said anything since i stopped talking and getting on here like I used to? And for that you now for sure became my Favorite person here :). Hope ya doing good & nice to hear from ya.

  4. Lil! Where ish ya?? Anyways, just wanted to check up on ya and give you teh shout. =)

  5. Its worth playing, I have the game and im not disappointed that I had got it. Sure it isn't the best game made and won't be, but it is worth playing it through. I don't listen to opinion of others on stuff cause they don't make logical points of view. So don't listen and try it out yourself. The campaign could've been alot better, sure. The multiplayer is ok and somewhat different. All I can say is try it yourself and if you don't like it, then O'well.
  6. Welcome Back lilwill00 :), I missed you :( *hugs*.

  7. I know i will buying the New Wii U when it comes out and the new psp (PSvista)? I like the features of the new Wii u. One thing I've been wandering about it though is, Does the Controller need to be by the Console to play the games and do the other stuff. Or can the controller be used anywhere example-Road trips and play some stuff without the console.
  8. Image shack doesn't require you to sign up to upload a picture.
  9. At the moment im working on getting L.A Noire done. Didn't think it was gonna be that great almost didn't even buy it. But once I popped it in and started playing it, I was actually amazed at how well they done it. This is a Must Play in my opinion for those who don't know about it or debated about it.
  10. Contains little spoiler don't read if you haven't watched unless you don't care.. The shit has hit the fan on here, lol.. Especially since the king died by a pig lol!! I wonder what is gonna happen now that they started fighting in the throne room. I knew that one dude was gonna stab Edward Stark in the back. Im very curious about the wall at the moment. dude's uncle is missing then that one girl that was captured trying to take that little boys horse is from there. Im thinking something big is gonna happen eventually which will combine the kingdoms together. Plus I wonder if them dragon eggs will hatch. Im liking the show very much as of right now..
  11. Yeah!!! (Please? ;D) Thanks! th_059_.gif lol Neh, no fret, i don't eat cakes anyway, relax. xD

  12. Thanks Oblivia... want me to send you some cake!! lol

  13. hell yea dude, Appreciate it.. Been playing LA. Noire recently.

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