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  1. I liked it. i think it should have been multiplayer.
  2. Wrong. I think Red XIII will post next.
  3. The Riku in Hollow Bastion kept owning me. I was to low level to bother, and his stupid attacks did not help either. I never beat him so I restarted.
  4. I liked none, they nearly did no damage. I rather keep Donald in because he could heal you.
  5. it's not 1. I played out 1 completely at lvl 99, and it doesn't resamble there.
  6. Well to ME it's FF9, but that's because it's GERMAN lol. Of the ones I played 2 was most depressive. I mean, their city gets destroyed, they lose their brother and almost get killed, to end up fighting their brother. That must actually suck.
  7. I actually liked it. It made you play a little more tactical then just smashing the attack button. I only had a difficulkt time at Malificent dragon, and Now at Riku on floor 13 :'(
  8. I go to forums TO make friends. I myself love player interaction, but you're forums are better then mines o.0
  9. I played it on easy and beat sephi on 87 :-[
  10. I guess 3 or 5. I played 1 and 2 completely and I believe i did not encounter that.
  11. No kidding lol, I had all within 45 minutes. Perhaps because I use a guide, or perhaps because I own Kh2. I have 3 STQ +, and I don't know if I have STK + lol
  12. Meh I like the fighting system. However they give you a it to much free stuff. Like I went to a lvl 4 battle sta area while I was extremely low level. I actually got owned hard. I believe I'm somewhere at Besaid after beating Bahamut :-\
  13. I like the basic Gunner one o nYuna, and Riku looks cool as Black Mage.
  14. Real Emotion. I agree with Koby that Sanctuary pwns
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