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  1. Doom for Windows 95 YEAAAH FLOPPY DISKS!
  2. I've always loved Tifa far more in all aspects. Her personality, looks, and abilities rock, whereas Aeris is an overly tragic figure made purely to gather sympathy from the audience. Yeah, while she's bawwing in the corner over the planet, Tifa will be kicking butt and actually doing something about it.
  3. I would love an FFVII remake if it had Advent Children quality in graphics. A lot of my friends just recently jumped on the FF Franchise bandwagon so it'd be a good selling point for new players and nostalgia junkies.
  4. I've been playing the game since the July Beta and I absolutely love it. Sure, it's a new MMO so teenagers are lining up to file complaints about how it's not /their/ ideal game, but so far the players have been given 90 days free gameplay courtesy of SE. Plus the devs have been listening to people's complaints and have updated the game to fit the needs of both casual and hardcore gamers. A lot of people don't like being able to only have a few hours a day to play and as a result fall massively behind their friends.
  5. There won't be another .hack game after LINK since they specifically stated LINK would be the last game. The PS3 game they're talking about is the new series of games Matsuyama is working on. You can check out dothackers.net if you have any doubts since they are a constant up-to-date .hack info source, and are working on a push to get .hack//LINK localized in the US.
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