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  1. Hey, could you help me locate Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Saiyuki Requiem, & Saiyuki Gaiden, all Exiled-Destiny type quality & dual audio? Been looking everywhere but everything seems to lead to inactive dead ends or non-seeded torrents. >.<


    Asking you because I saw a few posts you had of them, but they were rather old and the links were dead. :(

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    2. Etzimal


      Nothing on BakaBT is unseeded.

    3. diamonddustlove


      It would be easier to grab them from exiled destiny's irc channel. There are plenty of tutorials on here for how to use it. I use hexchat it's free and unlike torrents and file hosts you don't have to depend on other people having the files or the files being deleted.

    4. Rinji Shiroyuki

      Rinji Shiroyuki

      @Etzimal I'm not trying to argue about BakaBT or anything, just was saying what I'm currently experiencing on it. =/ My client says 0(0) Seeders, and checking the page again, it says 0 Seeders too. *shrugs* I dunno. I checked Nyaa too, as I've been a member on their site for quite awhile. Each time I try to sign up for BakaBT though they never send the verification e-mail, and they won't let you log into you account until it's verified. And yeah, I've checked junk folder too. lol


      @diamonddustlove I'll check that out, sounds like a much smoother process, thank you. =)

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