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  1. Can you take a look at my forum permissions when you get a chance Koby? I don't think i have any moderator options, I was going to move a post that's in the wrong place and i couldn't find a thread tools menu or whatever the IPB equivalent of it is, Thanks.

    1. Koby


      Yeah I forgot to give you, and the GFX staff mod powers. Sorry I'll get to that soon.

  2. Happy Birthday, Koby!!

  3. Hey Koby in the request forums description the link to the Anime Downloads Index is wrong, It leads to the one in the Farplane and not the original, can you fix it please? Thanks.

  4. Yeah, My original username was Sickadiscustus, then i changed it to Alphonse Elric for a few months after watching the original FMA series and then back to just Sicka.

  5. It's on the left below User CP in most sections...it looks like this... newthread.gif

  6. You just click on the new thread button in whichever section, copy and paste the template from this thread and add the information about your files, then click submit.

  7. When you play again open a second tab in your browser and leave it on the Whos online screen while your playing, It will auto refresh every minute or whatever and keep you logged in.

  8. Happy Birthday, Dan!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Renzourin!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Poetic!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Rikuo!!

  12. Try renaming part 2 to Ghost in the Shell - Movie1 - 001.mkv.002 Then trying it (Leave part 1 named the way it is though). I think the filenames before .MKV need to be identical so that they can be joined and they aren't for some reason.

    Otherwise It's possible one of the parts was corrupted when i uploaded it or when the encoder uploaded it originally, I don't have the DVDRip files anymore to check it or re-upload (I only kept the Blu-Ray version) sorry.

  13. I don't think winzip supports the RAR format. Try extracting them with 7zip or winrar, I tested it with 7zip and it seems to be fine.

  14. I just checked it and all the season 1 links are dead as well so I've trashed it, Thanks for letting me know and Happy new year to you too :)

  15. Here's TheChaosLegions Shamurai Champloo if you still want it:


  16. Thanks Merry Christmas to you too!!

  17. TheChaosLegion was targeted by some of the copyright holders and had his entire accounts at MU, FS and photobucket wiped out a few days ago, I think he was also contacted by his ISP about it as well, So has decided to retire from encoding and will also no longer upload or re-upload any of his stuff. Some of us have been putting his encodes back up though as they are quality releases, You can find the encodes we have up currently here:


    I moved all his threads to the Dead Links section in the Farplane yesterday, but they are still in the indexes at the moment as i haven't had time to remove the links to them yet.

  18. Thanks i needed a better one for Ouran High School Host Club without the white edges.

  19. No problem I'm happy to help keep TCL's stuff available for those that want it, I found Ouran High School Host Club [blu-Ray][720p] as well yesterday, I have it all uploaded now but haven't made the post for it yet I'll do that later.

  20. Happy Birthday, wolfmother!!!

  21. It could be the video player your using (VLC causes that problem a lot) So try a different video player if that's the one you are using, If it's not the player that's causing it then it could be an encoding problem...if so the files would need to be re-encoded again, Since i am not an encoder there is nothing i can do about it in that case.

    If you want to watch that series then you can get it from TCL here i downloaded and watched his 720p version a few months back and i know all episodes play fine.

  22. Well the only way i know to split it is to put the MKV in a RAR file and split that or use HJSplit for numbered Archives, But you didn't want it in a RAR/Archive files...So I found a Mini-MKV version instead: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SSSXBDJ5

  23. If your using Firefox or Palemoon as your browser you could try AdBlock-Plus add-on, It's suppose to block the ads but not the Linkbucks bar i think. Other than that i can't really think of anything else that would help, you'd have to ask Koby.


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